SCHEDULE Every Wednesday at 7:00 pm UTC

Wednesday Dialogues

Online - Zoom Platform
Jackie McInley
Date and Time
Every Wednesday at 7:00 pm UTC Next meeting date: Wed, March 10
Dialogue Group Members
Jackie - London
Paul - London
Adrm - Canberra
David - Edinburgh
Burton - Pacific Time (US & Canada)
Klaus - Brussels
Philip - Pacific Time (US & Canada)
Silvia - Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Sundeep - Central Time (US & Canada)
Carl - Mountain Time (US & Canada)
Suma - Pacific Time (US & Canada)
Leon - Sydney
Priya - Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Dean - Pacific Time (US & Canada)
Howard - Pacific Time (US & Canada)
Maurice - Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Alison - Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Richard - Pacific Time (US & Canada)
Alexi - Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Natasha - Edinburgh
Atent - Brasilia
Lela - Sydney
James - London
Triseugeny - Central Time (US & Canada)
Bob - Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Nahid - Edinburgh
Erik - Berlin
Goran - Skopje
Clive - Edinburgh
Lynne - Pacific Time (US & Canada)
Vivek - New Delhi
David - Edinburgh
Rex - Pacific Time (US & Canada)
Rafael - Santiago
tony - Pretoria
Wilbur - Mumbai
Henry - Pacific Time (US & Canada)
Ayham - Berlin
Patricia - Sydney
What is Dialogue?
Krishnamurti referred to his talks and the communication of his teachings as a process of participatory dialogue. K said that these dialogues were to be honest, friendly, non-intellectual explorations into our shared everyday human condition: an inquiry into the lack of freedom and love in daily life which lies festering at the root of all our problems.

According to K, these shared roots can be uncovered in dialogue and transformed. Fully engaging in a process of questioning, careful listening and thinking together, the patterns of thought that are conditioning all our relationships might be revealed through inquiry and insight. Since we hold dear and are forever acting out the very patterns we are investigating, a great deal of honesty, sensitivity and relaxation is necessary to actually see for ourselves that which is usually kept hidden.

There is no new knowledge to learn and apply, only the truth of conditioning to observe directly.  There is no emphasis on self realisation or comparison - no importance of me and you - only a collective psychological illusion to be seen through, together.

Whether this kind of dialogue or inquiry is possible can only be up to the very person who is interested to find out: the deeper the interest, the deeper the intention to participate and explore. 

It is in this spirit of inquiry that our online dialogues will take place.