Aug 15

Life is Relationship

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August 15 - 19 2022 PDT


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Krishnamurti Center Ojai
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About This Event

Life is Relationship
Krishnamurti stated that to exist is to be related. To relate is to be in contact as well as to respond adequately to the given situation so that the qualities of understanding and compassion nourish our existence. The quality of relationship is the same as the quality of our lives and to be related is to have no division and conflict; it is to love. But our usual experience reveals a veritable minefield that we are destined to traverse, leading to all manner of breakdowns and traumatic experiences. Our exploration of this topic, as viewed through K’s sharp lens, is to become aware of the factors involved and responsible for our lives and the lives of others, as psychologically we are the world.
Life is a vast network of relationships with nature, things, people and ideas. We are very aware that our relationship with nature is one of exploitation and use. The destructive consequences of this misguided approach are now being felt on a global scale. The relationship with nature is closely linked with our relationship with things since the exploitation of natural resources is aimed at providing for our material needs. But need becomes greed and brings about imbalance. We approach our relationship with people from two angles: the relationship between an individual and society and the relationship between individuals. Our intimate relationships are critical in what becomes of us as human beings.  This is supposed to be the province of love, whereas in general, it is the source of a good deal of conflict and grief. Following K’s negative approach, we then examine such factors of fragmentation as dependence, attachment and the search for security that denies love.
We will distribute a series of K texts relative to these various themes as well as the links to related audio and visual material. As an aid to the inquiry, we will introduce the notion of dialogue as a participatory process. Communication is one of the keys to relationship and this retreat, which is meant to be as participatory as possible, can also function as a workshop in which to learn the art of thinking together.
We look forward to this joint journey of self-discovery through the mirror of K’s teachings.