Oct 28

Friends of Brockwood Park Autumn Gathering

Date and Time

October 28 - 30 2022 GMT


The Krishnamurti Centre, Brockwood Park Bramdean, England, SO24 0LQ United Kingdom View Map


Bill Taylor
More Information
+44 1962 771748

About This Event

All registered Friends of Brockwood are invited to this event. While the gatherings do not have a specific theme, they generally feature three of Krishnamurti’s talks and include scheduled dialogues. There are also presentations relating to Brockwood and/or the teachings, and time is set aside for an organised walk in the countryside and an evening concert. The gatherings are intended to encourage those who support Brockwood to spend time together exploring the teachings, learn more about the work being done at Brockwood, and engage with those who live and work here. Please visit friendsofbrockwoodpark.org.uk to become a Friend.