Jul 18

Meditation and Action

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July 18 - 23 2022 PDT


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Krishnamurti Center Ojai
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About This Event

What is meditation? When we meditate are we looking to achieve something, to get past something, to see something, feel something? In other words, is there a me separate from my meditation just as there is a me separate from my experience? And if so, is that what we refer to as meditation or is that merely observation, or more precisely mediation? We can learn from any experience, observation or flash of direct experience but when we explore the depths of the meaning of the word meditation what do we discover? What is action in this realm if not involving an actor?
We will dialogue, discuss, and be aided by a few excerpts of Krishnamurti on this topic.     
“Meditation is the unfolding of the new. The new is beyond and above the repetitious past – and meditation is the ending of this repetition. The death that meditation brings about is the immortality of the new. The new is not within the area of thought, and meditation is the silence of thought. Meditation is not an achievement, nor is it the capture of a vision, nor the excitement of sensation. It is like the river, not to be tamed, swiftly running and overflowing its banks. It is the music without sound; it cannot be domesticated and made use of. It is the silence in which the observer has ceased from the very beginning.” – Krishnamurti, The Only Revolution
We will meet each day for a 3-hour session that will include but not be limited to discussion/dialogue, some short video clips and short excerpts from texts.
Daily online afternoon sessions
2:30pm-5:30pm PACIFIC TIME


John Duncan’s interaction with Krishnamurti and his teachings began in 1984 when he saw public talks in Ojai. From then on he attended many dialogue retreats and events at the foundation until he moved to Ojai in 1999 and began working at the KFA. His work as proofreader for the Krishnamurti Publications was an invaluable scholarship in which he interacted with Krishanmurti talks and dialogues spanning over six decades of Krishnamurti’s teaching life, including the 17 volumes of the Collected Works. He has been leading dialogues on Tuesdays and Saturdays for several years and looks forward to introducing Krishnamurti and his teachings in a clear and dynamic fashion.