Mar 12

YOGA + INQUIRY: Embodied Self-Knowledge

Date and Time

March 12 - 13 2022 PDT


Krishnamurti Center Ojai, 1130 McAndrew Rd. OJAI, California, 93023 United States View Map


Krishnamurti Center Ojai
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About This Event

“The real yoga, which is called Raja Yoga, King of Yogas, is to lead a highly moral life. Not morality according to circumstances or according to culture, but true ethical activity in life: not to hurt, not to drink, not to drug yourself, the right amount of sleep, the right amount of food, clear thinking, and acting morally, doing the right thing.” -Krishnamurti at Brockwood Park 1979, Q&A 

This retreat is for anyone interested in exploring the intersections of modern-day postural Yoga, what embodiment, presence, and alignment mean in the context of relationship with oneself and others, and the ways in which self-inquiry might inform living a moral life. In this 3-day retreat, you will have the opportunity to fully engage in Yoga and self-inquiry in a reflective and sharing atmosphere.  There will be daily yoga practices, a hike in the surrounding mountains, short silent sittings, vegetarian meals, and open discussions. Yoga classes will be breath-centered and focus on adaptation to the needs of the individual. You will explore the coordination of movement with breath to bring attention to the subtle movements of the body, breath, and mind through yoga. 

You’ll explore the connection between mind, body, and life, through Yoga and dialogue. This is an opportunity to examine Krishnamurti’s works through a refreshed lens as one engages the body and brings the full self into inquiry.  These programs are not about somehow understanding Krishnamurti more deeply through the practice of Yoga. Instead, they are about utilizing the practice to come into the body and begin to pay attention to it. When the body is tuned into, there is a quality of awareness and attentiveness that is brought to inquiry. This kind of attention can bring about a unique sense of openness and connection.

When we come together and practice Yoga, we explore the coordination of movement with breath. We turn our attention more deeply inward to pay attention to the subtle movements of the body, breath, and mind. We listen to Krishnamurti on subjects such as sensitivity, relationship, meditation, intelligence, and transformation. And we sit together to explore these subjects through dialogue.

“Yoga means skill in action, not merely the practice of certain exercises which are necessary to keep the body healthy, strong, sensitive…. Skill in action demands great sensitivity of the body, a lightness of the body…”  -Flight of the Eagle Chapter 3, London 4th Public Talk 23rd (March 1969)

Francesca Michelle Gold has been teaching Yoga for nearly a decade, is completing her Masters Degree in Yoga Studies at Loyola Marymount University, and received her BA in Psychology. She was introduced to Krishnamurti’s work in her childhood and sees now that it was just one springboard from which her life has been built. Her Yoga teaching certifications are through the Himalayan Institute of Yoga Science and Philosophy and her Yoga Therapy certifications through Loyola Marymount University. Francesca taught Yoga at a school founded by Krishnamurti in Varanasi, India and has also visited five of the Krishnamurti retreat centres in India. She describes her teaching style as observation based and meditative and has been facilitating retreats at the KFA since 2012.