Dec 13

Can One Live Totally Honestly?

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December 13 - 17 2021 PST


Online event


Krishnamurti Center Ojai
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“Honesty is a very complex affair. When one says to oneself that one must be honest, is that possible?”
It is very important to find out what it means to be totally honest, because we are going to deal with insight and the immediacy of action. It is utterly important, if we would grasp the depth of meaning of insight, to have the quality of complete integrity, to have that integrity which is the honesty of the whole.”  -Krishnamurti 

In our online In Depth Study Program we are going to be looking at  honesty in our everyday existence. We might have an explicit desire to be honest and straightforward people on the one hand, and an inherent, implicit tendency to conceal psychologically on the other.

We will have to unfold the whole issue of how we define honesty culturally and personally and then deepen our investigation of this topic by carefully questioning these very definitions: We may think we are honest, but is it true? Is honesty an ideal? Do we have secrets and why is that? Am I keeping my own sorrow a secret? Is thinking itself honest? Is my personal perception more honest than yours? Can the past be honest about the present moment?

Is there a more fundamental sense of honesty that implies an insight into the lies that consciousness has accepted collectively as being true? What is this “quality of complete integrity” that Krishnamurti is pointing to?

In order to examine and penetrate into this inquiry, our group may also have to open and query its own honesty with relation to each other in the dialogue. Here we have the movement of honesty or concealment perhaps coming to life within the immediate relationships present. Honesty in this context may be the facing of my dishonesty and concealment, rather than any intellectual or emotional idealism.

Would this be the beginning of a more authentic and open outlook towards each other and to our serious topic at hand? Does this authenticity in and of itself create an energy of affection, sensitivity and trust that may naturally serve to deepen our inquiry?

We will meet each day for a 2 1/2-hour session that will include but not be limited to discussion/dialogue, some short video clips and short excerpts from texts. 

Daily online sessions:  10:00am-12:30pm PACIFIC TIME

Jackie McInley founded and ran an independent Krishnamurti centre called Open Door in Southern France from 2004 until 2013 – hosting monthly inquiry weekends and annual international gatherings in French and English. She organized an experimental David Bohm bi-monthly dialogue meeting for 4 years in a local market town, and later a Krishnamurti dialogue group in the city of Toulouse.

A former self-employed, foreign language and theatre teacher by profession (schools, higher education and business), she now organises and facilitates inquiry events, gatherings and retreats in a variety of countries and cultures around the world. She also visits, facilitates dialogues and gives talks in the Krishnamurti Foundations, centres & schools in USA, UK and India. 

Jackie does not follow any particular spiritual teaching but is deeply interested in the investigative talks & dialogues of J.Krishnamurti as a mirror and friend to her own constant inner inquiry.