Oct 10

Death and Rebirth Beyond Time

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October 10 - 17 2021 UTC


Krishnamurti Center Ojai, California, 93023 United States View Map


Kristy Lee
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About This Event

The Explorations into Freedom Intensive Retreat invites us to explore together Krishnamurti’s insights that point to the possibility of a transformation of consciousness.
This explorative journey we take together into our understanding of what Krishnamurti referred to as deep ‘listening and seeing’ is the open door through which unexamined beliefs, concepts and ideas can be revealed without judgement or resistance. This dimension of ‘seeing’ and ‘listening’ is like turning a light on our conditioned responses, the normally hidden unconscious layers of thinking.
We create an atmosphere together of freedom, affection and mutual support in order to inquire into what is preventing us from unburdening ourselves from the past and our feelings of psychological limitation.
We hold 3 probing explorations each day that allow us to deepen our insights into the structures, patterns and images that build our sense of the ‘self’ and what appears to be the reality of our daily lives. As these patterns and images are exposed through ‘listening and seeing’, they can potentially lose their authority to bind and trap us in a limited idea of who we think we are.
Krishnamurti describes ‘psychological death’ as the falling away of the belief in the ‘me-consciousness’, and ‘rebirth’ as an unburdening of the mind in the timeless present, beyond conflict and fear, and the frustrations of endless seeking.
Our dynamic inquiring together is wholistic; life’s penetrating questions can arise and be examined in an atmosphere of freedom and creative insight. Our probing together has the potential to move us toward a glimpse into a boundless dimension of love, intelligence and creativity.
“That love is intelligence, and it brings a creativeness which is timeless.” — J. Krishnamurti
Krishnamurti’s timeless message that it is not necessary for us to postpone our sense of being free and fully alive, right here and now, resonates throughout our work together.
Please join us for this exciting journey of discovery, inquiring into the potential for living in freedom; to see if it is possible to meet the mystery and beauty of being alive with a fresh mind, as if for the first time.
“Listening completely, without resistance, without any barrier is the miracle of explosion, shattering the known, and to listen to that explosion, without motive, without direction is to enter where thought, time, cannot pursue.” — J. Krishnamurti
The Ojai Valley, surrounded by cascading mountains, is the home of the Krishnamurti Educational Center. Krishnamurti’s former home is one of the jewels of the KEC along with beautiful trees, orange groves, flowers and a new herb garden. This is the perfect location for our in-depth exploration.

Richard Waxberg and Deborah Kerner created and facilitated the 8-Day Fully-Immersive Krishnamurti Dialogical Inquiry & Retreat Programs for the Krishnamurti Foundation of America in 2005. Their new Intensive Retreat, Explorations into Freedom based on Krishnamurti’s core transformational teachings, takes place in June and October each year. They are currently also facilitating Intensives in Denmark and Canada.
Richard is a practicing writer and artist. He was a full-time college instructor for 20 years, teaching art & design, art history and aesthetics for Parsons School of Design in New York City. Deborah is a practicing artist, poet, and designer. She has had a distinguished career as a book designer with clients such as Random House and HarperCollins.
Both Richard and Deborah taught a variety of art and design courses at the Krishnamurti Rishi Valley School in India. They also participated in numerous dialogues, including inquiries into the meaning of education, held at Krishnamurti Schools and Centers throughout India.
As a part of their spiritual journey, Richard and Deborah studied and participated in Native American shamanic spiritual practices with traditional elders from several Native American tribes, before discovering the profound insights of Krishnamurti.
Besides their continuing work in the fields of writing, painting, and offering two 8-Day Intensive Retreat Programs each year for the KFA, Richard and Deborah continue their studies that reflect Krishnamurti’s profound message of transformation, freedom, and love. Among various spiritual traditions, they have also been studying recent scientific research on consciousness, as well as current non-dual approaches.