Aug 02

The Never-Ending Cycle of Becoming

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August 2 - 6 2021 PDT


Online event


Kristy Lee
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The Never-Ending Cycle of Becoming
Our whole way of life centered around the concept of time and ‘becoming’ something. During the course of these 5 days, we will look deeply together at the relentless process of evaluating, judging and comparing that leads to this elusive cycle.
Daily online sessions
10:00am-12:30pm PACIFIC TIME

Zeenat Patel is a medical doctor with a specialty in public health and preventive medicine. Zeenat has endeavored to improve the health of disadvantaged populations both domestically and internationally, through working with governments, NGOs, and international organizations. She has acted in key leadership roles and has considerable experience facilitating committees and workgroups on a wide range of health issues. While Zeenat enjoys her work, her passion lies in the serious investigation of how we live our everyday lives. It is this passion that drew her to the work of Krishnamurti and the KFA.