Jun 07

Death: Looking Together Into the Unknown

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June 7 - 11 2021 PDT


Online event


Krishnamurti Foundation of America
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You are going to die—that is, die to everything you know,  your body,  your mind, the things that you have built up.  So you say, “Is  that  all?  Is all my life to end in death?”  All the things you
have done, the service, the books, the knowledge, the experiences, the pleasures, the affection, the family, all end in death.  That is facing you. Either you die to them now, or you die inevitably
when the time comes.
-Krishnamurti, Bombay, India, l965

Why do we fear death? Is it because we are so seldom in the unknown that the great unknown is terrifying? Do our attempts to create psychological security increase our fears? We have countless ways of distracting from death, what happens when we truly look at it?
Krishnamurti says we must die every day, every moment. Is such a thing possible? Memory creates continuity, and our reactions arise instantaneously and reverberate in the body. Is it possible to end things completely? How would that come about? Is there a genuine dying to each moment that is not suppression or escape?
We will meet each day for a 2 1/2-hour session that will include but not be limited to discussion/dialogue, some short video clips and short excerpts from texts.

Daily online sessions
10:00am-12:30pm PACIFIC TIME