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Dec 06

IN PERCEPTION: Can we see & inquire directly without the weight of conditioning?

Date and Time

December 6 - 10 2020


Online event

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Kristy Lee

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IN PERCEPTION: Can we see & inquire directly without the weight of conditioning?
In life, much of the driving force in human behaviour and relationship occurs imperceptibly: what we “see” is already steered by hidden fears, insecurity and prejudice. Remarkably, many of our reactions and responses during group dialogue remain outside our perception yet are nevertheless still acting to distort the inquiry itself.

Krishnamurti goes a step further and claims that the very mechanism of sensitive human perception and thinking, is driven by Time: a psyche bound by the continuity of recorded thought patterns. He asks us whether we have the intensity to question this existence and break free? Or do we accept a life without true freedom or spontaneity?

In our online dialogue, we shall be considering this topic perceptually rather than conceptually. Our aim, as we inquire together, is to examine direct evidence of whether our perceptions are influenced by the habits of our thinking and feeling. Are we directly aware of this influence or does this remain at the intellectual or verbal level?

Are we concerned in making a difference in our dialogues and in our relationships? Can our inquiry penetrate into a much deeper fundamental transformation of human life itself?

Jackie McInley

Jackie McInley founded and ran an independent Krishnamurti centre called Open Door in Southern France from 2004 until 2013 – hosting monthly inquiry weekends and annual international gatherings in French and English. She organized an experimental David Bohm bi-monthly dialogue meeting for 4 years in a local market town, and later a Krishnamurti dialogue group in the city of Toulouse.

A self-employed, foreign language and communication awareness coach by profession (schools, higher education and business), she now spends her time traveling to various Krishnamurti centers and schools around the world: facilitating dialogues and programs, sharing skills in the schools, and helping out in K related projects.