Aug 16

KFA Event: A Glimpse into Total Freedom

Date and Time

August 16 - 23 2020


Krishnamurti Center Ojai Ojai, California, 93024 United States View Map

Contact Information
Richard Waxberg
+1 (805) 640-0532

About This Event

A unique 8-Day Intensive Retreat exploring the Core Transformational Teachings of J.Krishnamurti
The Explorations into Freedom Intensive Retreat invites us to explore together Krishnamurti’s insights that point to the possibility of a transformation of consciousness.

This explorative journey we take together into our understanding of what Krishnamurti referred to as deep ‘listening and seeing’ is the open door through which unexamined beliefs, concepts and ideas can be revealed without judgement or resistance. This dimension of ‘seeing’ and ‘listening’ is like turning a light on our conditioned responses, the normally hidden unconscious layers of thinking.

We create an atmosphere together of freedom, affection and mutual support in order to inquire into what is preventing us from unburdening ourselves from the past and our feelings of psychological limitation.

We hold 3 probing explorations each day that allow us to deepen our insights into the structures, patterns and images that build our sense of the ‘self’ and what appears to be the reality of our daily lives. As these patterns and images are exposed through ‘listening and seeing’, they can potentially lose their authority to bind and trap us in a limited idea of who we think we are.

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