Daily Quote Archives

October 2021
  1. October 01 Mere reformation of the pattern of society only alters the surface, it brings about a more respectable form of ambition.
  2. October 02 From the known you cannot possibly see the unknown;
  3. October 03 Loneliness is the awareness of complete isolation; and are not our activities self-enclosing?
  4. October 04 For the speaker attachment is much more important than detachment.
  5. October 05 Can there be honesty - that is, clear insight, seeing things as they are - if there is a principle, an ideal, an ennobled formula?
  6. October 06 We have reduced the vastness of all this to some petty little reactions.
  7. October 07 What is insight? It is: to perceive something instantly, which must be true, logical, sane, rational.
  8. October 08 To go beyond the self-enclosing activities of the mind, you must understand them;
  9. October 09 Conflict and confusion result from our own wrong relationship with people, things and ideas
  10. October 10 Self-knowledge is only from moment to moment, and therefore there is a creative happiness from moment to moment.
  11. October 11 Personally, to the speaker, there is no psychological evolution;
  12. October 12 You think you are the center of this beautiful earth.
  13. October 13 The self, the "me," is a network of complex desires, each desire having its own impetus and aim, often in opposition to other hopes and pursuits.
  14. October 14 Criticism is only of value in so far as it trains your observation so that it can eventually be turned on yourself.
  15. October 15 Instead of addressing heterogeneous crowds in many places and dazzling and confounding them with your brilliance and subtlety, why do you not start a community or colony and create a reference for your way of thinking?
  16. October 16 Criticism is only of value in so far as it trains your observation so that it can eventually be turned on yourself.
  17. October 17 Is anonymity degrading, and to be unknown despicable? Why do we pursue the famous, the popular?
  18. October 18 You see man imprisoned by innumerable walls, walls of religion, of social, political and national limitations, walls created by his own ambitions, aspirations, fears, hopes, security, prejudices, hate and love.
  19. October 19 From the beginning we must be very clear that you are not being told what to do, or what to think.
  20. October 20 It is the fear of being nothing that compels us to accumulate;
  21. October 21 Do you not feel that the darkness is closing in, deterioration is setting in fast in every human being?
  22. October 22 We want to build castles in the air, find a refuge where we shall never be disturbed, where our petty minds will never be shaken.
  23. October 23 The present social struggle to bring about equality on the economic or some spiritual level has no meaning at all.
  24. October 24 It is only in knowing ourselves first - deeply, profoundly, not superficially - that we can know truth.
  25. October 25 For me, revolution is synonymous with religion. I do not mean by the word 'revolution' immediate economic or social change; I mean a revolution in consciousness itself.
  26. October 26 Liberation of action does not mean that you cannot remember incidents, but those past incidents will no longer control action.
  27. October 27 Thought is the very denial of love, and it cannot enter into that space where the me is not.
  28. October 28 Love does not compare, and so the envy and torture of 'becoming' cease.
  29. October 29 When you lose your relationship with nature and the vast heavens, you lose your relationship with man.
  30. October 30 Any action born of noise produces more noise, more confusion.
  31. October 31 Is it possible not to think about pleasure or pain? Is it possible to think only when thought is demanded, but not otherwise?