Daily Quote Archives

June 2021
  1. June 01 You never see life as it really is; you look at it only through a screen of prejudice
  2. June 02 What do you mean when you use the term 'myself'?
  3. June 03 Opinions and conclusions in any form bring about separation and isolation, as do sectarian beliefs.
  4. June 04 The end is of the same nature as the means; if you use wrong means, you create wrong ends.
  5. June 05 Question: Supposing a man has no factual memory. Can he discover?
  6. June 06 Life is a process of discovery, and in living from day to day you have to find out for yourself its beauty, its extraordinary depth;
  7. June 07 Experimentation does not lead to conclusion; the experimenter keeps on watching, looking and observing.
  8. June 08 I have no system.
  9. June 09 The very nature of fragmentation is the centre from which one is looking.
  10. June 10 Illusions are reality - the illusions that one has, imagination, all that is reality.
  11. June 11 Is there an entity apart from the self, which looks at the self and dissolves the self?
  12. June 12 To deny all morality is to be moral, for the accepted morality is the morality of respectability, and I'm afraid we all crave to be respected - which is to be recognised as good citizens in a rotten society.
  13. June 13 What ever the mind creates, is in a circle, within the field of the self.
  14. June 14 We must find out - if it is possible or not - whether there is a different dimension, a different approach, to life altogether.
  15. June 15 When that which is, is perceived without distortion, there is understanding;
  16. June 16 Surely, there is nothing permanent. Reality is not continuous, not permanent, but something to be discovered from moment to moment.
  17. June 17 Love and death are inseparable and where they are there's always destruction.
  18. June 18 Meditation is like the breeze that comes in when you leave the window open;
  19. June 19 The mind is still when it does not want a conclusion, when it is not seeking an answer.
  20. June 20 Most of us want to be occupied; otherwise we shall feel lost, otherwise we do not know what to do, we will be lonely, we will be confronted with what we actually are.
  21. June 21 Love has nothing to do with sentiment. Love is hard, in the sense that it is crystal clear and what is clear can be hard.
  22. June 22 The nature of the change from disorder is silence.
  23. June 23 Self-knowledge is the beginning of wisdom, and without self-knowledge there is no happiness.
  24. June 24 A religious mind demands diligence to be precise, to be accurate, objectively and inwardly, so that there is no illusion, no deception, total integrity.
  25. June 25 We have no love - that is a terrible thing to realize.
  26. June 26 Truth is in the silent observation of what is, and it is truth that transforms what is.
  27. June 27 It is curious how strong is the desire to be recognized, to be applauded.
  28. June 28 Except for the human beings, it was a new day; nothing was like yesterday.
  29. June 29 A mind that is capable of measuring is capable also of illusion
  30. June 30 Is sorrow the way of understanding? Or does sorrow exist because there's no understanding?