Hallo Linda, When you say 'just' self-observation it seems to imply that you have not understood what this observation entails. If you are saying to yourself, "I'm observing this emotion" then obviously that is not going to do anything but continue the problem because you have separated the observer from what is observed. To observe the emotion (it is not your emotion)you must be, to use K's expression, choicelessly aware. No need to make any judgement about whether the emotion is good or bad as that also will continue the problem (which may not be a problem, actually). I realize the physical effect of some emotion can be invasive; but most emotion is shallow and dualistic, like thought, which is usually at the root of it, just as emotion is often at the root of thought. And this is all the province of the ego and the self-image.

The thing is to free the emotions from the ego - not to identify with them - let them come and go like visitors but not stay like residents. I apologize for making this too long but hope it's not too obscure to be of any use to you.