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Forum: My Favorite Krishnamurti One-Liners Tue, 29 Sep 2009
Topic: K-grams

how'd you work that out?

Forum: Awareness in our world today Sun, 08 Nov 2009
Topic: The US President, OBAMA & his..

Hello Personally Ive always found politics very dull, its painful the lack of simplicity,directness in concern and real affection and genuine care.The language of the politicians id devoid of these neccessary qualities and lacks finess,eloquence beauty ..And from a very young age one finds it impossible to indulge in any serious intercourse regarding fragmentary discourse such as that of the politicians . Obviously theres only self interest and theyre only concern is that. Radical change cannot come about whilst riding the Tiger....whilst shooting at eachother? K always said ;'only fools advise'? i dont trust this infomation of his advise to Gandi...was he really giving advise . or.he was just pointing something out. Its dangerous to take small quotes and introduce them in a different context? How can you sustain this conversations they become so tedious..What are we asking in this dialogue for example,with respect? Are we interested in ourselves,our own voice,opinion,the sounds we make? Wheres it all going,whats the point?It seems like idle chatter whist THE HOUSE IS ON FIRE?

Forum: General Discussion Thu, 21 Apr 2011
Topic: The painter in Picasso

Picasso lived an ordinary life of conflict,full of vulgar habits?? .He ws not sensative ....his skill was only limited to a technique of which he was very capable like Many a technician. But his life was ordinary otherwise full of conflict .He aws not liberated from the misery ,shoddy tawdry limits of thought,and probably never questioned himself ,or negated his life as 'K' speaks of??

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