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Forum: General Discussion Thu, 29 Sep 2016
Topic: Enlightenment...

Jean Gatti wrote: A truly enlightened person won't have the need to test it with an outer authority ... the very need to 'confirm' enlightenment proves that there is no enlightenment ... that's a trap ...

It would appear though, Jean, that there are elements which indicate that one is enlightened (in the Buddhist sense or 'self-realisation' in Hinduism) or otherwise not such. Can there be an individual or personal interpretation of what being 'enlightened' actually means ?

Jean Gatti wrote: Didn't K say "be a light to yourself" ?

As did the Buddha before K.

Forum: General Discussion Thu, 29 Sep 2016
Topic: Enlightenment...

jamie f wrote: The problem there is that our interlocutor may themselves have a misunderstanding of their own degree of awakening, so one may be given a false impression. So it is not about a 'test' - which is silly - it is about listening to someone who knows what they are talking about and accepting what they have to say.

True enough...not so wise, perhaps, to lend 'spiritual authority' to another in life, is it, Jamie? However, if there are specific elements/attributes in/of 'enlightenment' belonging essentially to Buddhism and/or Hinduism which calls this 'self-realisation' in the main it would appear that within that framework/construct, 'vision'/view a person is either 'enlightened' or is not.

(Disclaimer: This writer, Katy, is not a theologian!)

Forum: General Discussion Thu, 29 Sep 2016
Topic: Enlightenment...

Jean Gatti wrote: Didn't Buddha say that all beings are already enlightened ?

This is what you've just interpreted/gathered from Barbara O'Reilly's writing about 'enlightenment' which I copied above (#22), isn't it, Jean? However, if you read it again you will see that it is/was not quite as simple as you are suggesting.

Forum: General Discussion Thu, 29 Sep 2016
Topic: Enlightenment...

jamie f wrote: I didn't use the word 'authority'. That was Jean's interpretation of what was said. I used the word 'listen' and if you're going to listen, then it makes sense to listen to someone who knows what they are talking about. Like K.

Okay Jamie...and, yes, you're quite right. I don't see any point either in conversing/inquiring together here, there and everywhere if we do not listen to each other. Only listening to K - free from context - is unhelpful for this writer/reader, too.

Forum: General Discussion Thu, 29 Sep 2016
Topic: Enlightenment... Krishnamurti in Dialogue with Buddhist Scholars

(I watched this video a while ago and it was not the easiest of dialogues/conversations to follow - not only because of the subject but because of language differences. However, some others reading here might find it interesting)

Forum: General Discussion Thu, 29 Sep 2016
Topic: Enlightenment...

...Seeing that 'enlightenment' does have so many religious connotations in the traditional sense/usage of the word 'religious', it makes discussing this phenomenon extra difficult here perhaps ? I don't know.

Is a 'religious mind' always an 'enlightened' one ? (No formal answer being sought - just a tributary question for which there can be no single answer as I see this). And as I'm sure most of y'all know/see already K defined the word 'religious' in his own way.

(I am partly regretting initiating this discussion because 1. so few people are writing to this forum and 2.'enlightenment' belongs too much to the land of the unknown for people to write much about. So, I'll probably leave this discussion here - unless, of course, anyone has something further to say/write which is particularly 'pressing'. Thanks for your replies, anyway, thus far).

Forum: General Discussion Thu, 29 Sep 2016
Topic: Enlightenment...

We're going off topic (mostly) which is probably because as Van Morrison sang: "enlightenment don't know what it is". However, it appears to be an aspiration of sorts for many people - depending, of course, on various 'factors'.

So, unless anyone wants to write further about 'enlightenment' per se I will lock this topic tomorrow - and re-open it if more people are interested to write to this forum at some point.

Thanks again, Katy

Forum: General Discussion Sat, 01 Oct 2016
Topic: The paradox of the "active mind"

...A mind which is preoccupied, though, is also choicelessly so -usually. K's mind was preoccupied in that sense with whatever it was that he wanted to say or to convey - just as anyone else's is when in conversation.

A 'silent mind', cannot (by definition) simultaneously be under occupation by the noise of words/thought.

This writer finds that thought dissipates/peters out if I go for a long walk - just as I did earlier.

Walking is man's best medicine Hippocrates (probably my favourite saying !)

Forum: General Discussion Sat, 15 Jul 2017
Topic: Just a word of thanks...

Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to say 'enormous thanks'...

Your collective interest, 'different kind of intelligence' K spoke about and sure erudition has definitely helped to catalyse my understanding of K's teaching - and how to write in a way which seems helpful with others 'out there' in life - especially with/for those who are being the most tortured in and by it - in/by this world which presents us all with so much needless rack and ruin...the 'sense of urgency' is truly seen now by this nobody - writer ; I am typing as fast as I can !

Edward, a writer in Facebook, told me that I am 'one of the most compassionate and intelligent' writers there...Glory, this was surely on my blind side... and I owe this 'gift' to you all.

Yours humbly, Katy

p.s I hope Dev will forgive me for posting another beautiful song - and you, especially, Jack. I see/regard you as the minder of this fort !

(Bob Dylan's music and lyrics help to keep me going in the background)

Enjoy :)

Forum: General Discussion Mon, 05 Feb 2018
Topic: Choiceless self-awareness

...They've got so much thing to say but when the rain falls it don't fall on one man's house - Bob Marley

Forum: General Discussion Tue, 06 Feb 2018
Topic: Choiceless self-awareness

Thank you Ken and Kirsten for the above #235

Forum: General Discussion Mon, 26 Mar 2018
Topic: Krishnamurti and organized religion

Hello again and thank you, Jack, for sharing the above interesting observation/revelation (#1)...seeing this element with you.

I went to a Catholic convent grammar school (aged 11-17 years). The teachers there discouraged us from becoming nuns since academia and using one's formal intelligence - or what they called 'God - given gifts'- to help others in life was emphasised though. They also taught us about other world religions and said that the greatest threat to Catholicism was the Islamic faith/tradition...(that was in the 1970's).

The convent had quite an interesting history, really, since they took Jewish children in who were fleeing the Nazis during WW2. (We were free to learn to speak any other language of our choosing except for German in memory of that particular Holocaust).

I am not a practising Catholic but have inherited a 'Catholic conscience' I guess - however liberal, really, my school was /tried to be.

As you probably know/see already a person who is not a practising Catholic in those terms is said to be a 'lapsed' Catholic. My joke about this is that I am not a lapsed Catholic but rather a collapsed one ! :)

Regards, Katy

Forum: General Discussion Tue, 27 Mar 2018
Topic: Krishnamurti and organized religion

...A most pertinent quote (#6). Thanks again Jack

Forum: General Discussion Tue, 17 Jul 2018
Topic: Just a word of thanks...

Hello again !

I see that it is a year since I wrote this word of thanks...tempus fugit !

I also skim-read the replies just now; it is interesting how threads go into so many seemingly unconnected topics or directions away from the opening post, isn't it? Interesting reading though...cheers.

Even though I was very naive when I joined this forum, got my signals crossed, learned firsthand about cyber-bullying, falling into very deep and hurtful water at times via Kinfonet, I remain grateful for the most part to y'all. After making a point of relaying my thanks, I wondered whether it was a faux pas - was it egoistic of me; did I sound self-congratulatory? Sorry if I did as such.

Kinfonetians don't fight shy of talking/writing about life in a serious or deeper way...Is the unexamined life worth living ? I know that this is an oft used phrase and I wonder about whether it is possible for anyone not to examine life especially at my great age; I'm extra conscious of age right now because it will be my 57th birthday on Friday. I might have appeared to Edward in Facebook to be intelligent and compassionate but I am surely not wise.

Anyway, I hope that things are good with you all.

Kind Regards, Katy

Forum: General Discussion Wed, 18 Jul 2018
Topic: Just a word of thanks...

pavani rao wrote: Any how it's nice meeting you in here again :) Many many happy returns for your birthday on Friday. May your life's years be filled with joy and peace.

Hello Pavani,

Thank you very much for your reply - lovely to hear from you, too. You always pop in with something wise to say and I appreciate the gentleness, too, of/in your posts:)...yes, I managed not to write here for at least a year which was indicative of progress in my case! Thanks to Kinfonet I learned what is meant, too, by an internet addiction - I was hooked for a long time really.

Yes, for sure Pavani, joy and peace are good things to strive for...I wish the same for you !

'bye for now, Katy :)

Forum: General Discussion Wed, 20 Feb 2019
Topic: Are we here to perpetuate ego ?

Hi Oneself,

In answer to your question...I am still here !

Of course, I did not ‘eliminate‘ myself as you put it...for some reason it looks as if my account was deleted but I did not close the account...there must be a technical hitch.

I still read some of the conversations between people here and my not writing further for quite some time is/was nothing to do with Jack’s participation as you are suggesting...and it’s absurd really in my view that you’re calling him a troll - he is not such at all!

I learned a lot from studying with everyone here... and don’t regret any of my learning.

Kind Regards, Katy

Forum: General Discussion Thu, 21 Feb 2019
Topic: Are we here to perpetuate ego ?

Hi Jack,

Glad to hear that things are good with you.

I’m fine. Thanks for asking...

I made the most of the remaining winter here last week in the Lake District - lots of snow there unlike in London (and less people!).

Best wishes, Katy