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Forum: General Discussion Sat, 14 Jan 2012
Topic: Where would you be without K?

teachings are no more then a sharing. whether one is able to listen to that, and be changed by it, has nothing to do with the words of whatever is being said. when something is understood beyond words, when the actual fact is seen, then it is no one's statement.

then one can move with self-discovery alongside what everyone says, but there is no longer the same viewing of everything as a goal, or certain words as special. there is the pursuing of some "transformation", or "enlightenment", but that eventually ends, and one actually begins to live a life without authority.

then, you actually become the same as anyone else who is a "teacher". but that labeling of yourself, from comparison, has nothing to do with what is actually going on.

Forum: General Discussion Sat, 14 Jan 2012
Topic: Do we outgrow the teachings?

the insight on an issue, is the observation without the self. it is also the "intelligence" which sees the actuality of something.

in reading posts, the looking at the meaning behind the words, and seeing what is actually going on, is the seeing w/o the self. then it immediately comes back and records the insight. there's nothing wrong with this. it's the conflict created by the aim to achieve something, that is the wanting to "end" the self.

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