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Forum: General Discussion Sun, 28 Nov 2010
Topic: K - a beautiful man, beautiful teaching - but did he mislead us?

Michael, You have asked whether K has mislead us. I do not think so. True he never made any mention about soul (though I believe there's a soul in us), but what's the point? My feeling is that even if K had said that there's a soul, that there's divinity, we would have carried on with our problems of fear, suffering, anger etc. Do you think his affirmation would have made any difference to human consciousness? Absolutely not. The issue is so big, so immense that we should feel happy K gave no assurances. Having said this I greatly admire you for your honesty and clarity. Your is a great journey. I am glad I have crossed your path.

By the way, you write so well. I can't imagine myself writing so. What's the secret of it? This is my ego asking the question. As you have said it has a place and I don't deny that. I hope all of us accept the ego and not wish it away. There's no need to destroy the ego, but be watchful of the one who denounces it and says it's unspiritual. This high moral stance won't take us anywhere and at the end of our lives we will only be left with ashes, not the fragrant flower.

Long live the ego with humility, long live the Soul with dignity.

My deep respects to K.

Thanks Michael.

Forum: General Discussion Mon, 17 Jan 2011
Topic: Can there be real friendship in a world of conditionings and images ? (a question without seeking)

aurelien B wrote: Or is this that life and its meaning are not to be found in time and through thought and into the life of the society ? Or, is it that there is no balance between all these various elements ?

Life is one single movement if we are alive to it; it's fragmented when we are self-absorbed. Without coming to any conclusion, can we look and listen ceaselessly? There's joy in it.

Forum: General Discussion Fri, 11 Mar 2011
Topic: What to do?

dhirendra singh wrote: What to do or not do?

I think K has revealed what can't be revealed. Maybe he got special permission from the Source to do it.

The fact is: obvious can't be seen. That's the human condition.

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