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Forum: Serious Debate Mon, 20 Jul 2009
Topic: Why JK's Findings Need To Be Advanced ?

Prasanna P wrote: much more than mere presence may be necessary.

Prasanna, I understand. That means acting with passion to awaken the intelligence in others and in us, but without bringing in K in the picture at all.

Forum: Show 'n' Tell Mon, 20 Jul 2009
Topic: On your own, little bird.

Namaste Samata. Everything is fine with me now. At present I'm reading Nikos Kazantzakis' Zorba the Greek and C S Lewis's Horse and the Boy. Zorba evokes passion in me and Lewis is making me into a child. The captive Horse talks to the captive Boy and both are ditching their masters and are on their jouney to a Happy Land.

To a mind which has overworked its intellect, regaining innocence is a blessing. I want to be a child! Have a great day, Sam.

Forum: Serious Debate Mon, 20 Jul 2009
Topic: Why JK's Findings Need To Be Advanced ?

Prasanna P wrote: Am I not as near to K as you or any one else, merely because I have thrown the mirror away ?

Prasanna P wrote: This is interesting. Isn't this a K forum ?

Thank God, K never had another K to look up to.

Prasanna, I don't understand why you talk like this. Let's suppose someone comes to you with a pain. Will you use your compassion to heal him or say K words such as 'stay with pain, it's your image that has got hurt', observe your pain' etc...We have all had the dose of K. Why should we give the same dose to newcomers?

Our uniqueness, our intelligence, our compassion, however little it is, matter more than anything else.

What does K phrase 'Be a light unto yourself' mean? To me it means that I transform myself each moment.

I used to think K was joking when he used the analogy of his being a 'sign post'. I never believed what he said. But this morning I clearly saw that. He has shown us the mind map; it's upto us to walk.

Forum: Serious Debate Tue, 21 Jul 2009
Topic: Why JK's Findings Need To Be Advanced ?

Prasanna P wrote: Ramesh, What did you see this morning ? Can you elaborate ? Also tell me how to talk 'without bringing K in to picture at all'.

Prasanna, if you bring K into the picture, you are not giving your fullness to the other person. We don't need to know solutions to human problems. All we need is the capacity to listen to others genuinely. Our listening may falter sometimes, but it doesn't matter. We can pick it up again. This is what I've learnt from K. So when that listening is in action, it will do the job. There's no need to bring in K there. I think K is a manifestation of all Life force. I don't want to carry him as an image in my mind. In doing so I limit myself and him.

Next about the sign post. When we want to reach a desired place, we look for the sign post and travel the path, totally forgetting the sign post. We don't worship the sign post. But why is that we don't see K as a sign post and walk the path without the burden of images we have of him. He says you are fear, you are anger and you are the violence; there's no you separate from all this emotions. He also tells you nobody can free you except yourself. Does K come and help you when you are in crisis, saying 'my son, I'm with you, don't worry, all will be fine with you'. In a crisis you are left all alone. In fact this lonelieness is intensified after your reading K because he says seeking help from outside won't resolve the issue; on the contrarary the problem will only persist. So it's a question of becoming vulnerable and totally one with the problem. Where does K come in the picture except as a sign post in all this?

Prasanna, we have to be friends. Let our ideas and views about K not prevent a good relationship from flowering.

I'm curious.

Forum: Serious Debate Tue, 21 Jul 2009
Topic: Why JK's Findings Need To Be Advanced ?

Robert Michael wrote: What makes you think you can necessarily heal him or her, Ramesh?

Nothing, Robert. In listening to others' problems I heal myself first.

Robert Michael wrote: Can a 'transformed' or 'ever-transforming' self or person still possess considerable amounts of darkness, ignorance, and wrong-action? And thereby continue to very largely perpetuate the darkness in spite of claiming to be a Light?

Life is movement of darkness and light, but when the 'me' enters the stream, it spoils the show.

Forum: Show 'n' Tell Tue, 21 Jul 2009
Topic: On your own, little bird.

Samatha Reddy wrote: I guess am going to walk around, trek, and lose myself where ever I want.

Samatha, You are too full of energy. To balance that dynamism, take a few minutes' break, and allow yourself the joy of being a Buddha. Life is great.

Forum: Serious Debate Wed, 22 Jul 2009
Topic: Why JK's Findings Need To Be Advanced ?

Prasanna P wrote: On the other hand, truth may even become a casualty, if the desire to keep relationship always predominates or over rules our perceptions. An unmotivated mind not only perceives and responds with truth, which alone can maintain relationships because it is in sync with nature.

Right time a right message has come to me. Thanks Prasanna.

Prasanna P wrote: Btw, don't you see the theme of this discussion itself is challenging to a K- conditioned mind ? How about going through it again slowly and contributing to it either way ?

Yes, we can go slowly.

Forum: Show 'n' Tell Wed, 22 Jul 2009
Topic: On your own, little bird.

Samatha Reddy wrote: I hope you never turn into one of those.

Thanks for the warning, Samata.

Forum: Show 'n' Tell Wed, 22 Jul 2009
Topic: On your own, little bird.

Samatha Reddy wrote: You be the "buddha".

A human Buddha I would like to be.

Forum: Show 'n' Tell Wed, 22 Jul 2009
Topic: On your own, little bird.

Samatha Reddy wrote: You are totally missing the point of life if you feel it is too much.

Yes, you may be right.

Forum: Show 'n' Tell Fri, 24 Jul 2009
Topic: On your own, little bird.

Samatha Reddy wrote: I keep on discovering some of the most amazing people in this world.

Who are those amazing people? Can you share your discoveries? I will be glad to hear.

Forum: Show 'n' Tell Fri, 24 Jul 2009
Topic: On your own, little bird.

Samatha Reddy wrote: She is what you call a fighter one who has had several close brushes with death, and so knows what life is about.

Thanks Samata for your prompt reply. Did your friend tell you how she handled fear, if at all she had any? I think all authentic experiences can help others.

Forum: Show 'n' Tell Sat, 25 Jul 2009
Topic: On your own, little bird.


Delighted to hear from you. You are in a jubilant mood. Let us infect others in our joy.

Forum: Show 'n' Tell Sat, 25 Jul 2009
Topic: On your own, little bird.

Samata and Aura,

Here is a piece for you both. Yesterday (Friday)I persisted in watching the morning life around me from the terrace of my flat. The outcome is this:

Active morning, joyful morning,
Lively morning, energetic morning,
Safe morning, harmless morning,
Orderly morning, breezy morning.
A morning of the peepal tree,
and a neem tree.
Of the swaying branches,
fluttering leaves --tender
light green and aged dark green.
A morning for crows and pigeons,
and squirrels and a young girl
with skipping ropes.
Safety everywhere, joy everywhere,
A world of harmony, a world of beauty.
A world without trace of human
Look up, look above.
Look without motive.
Look, look, look.
Let the thought-brain rest.
Oh! Joy, joy, joy!
Unheart of joy. Causeless joy.

Forum: Show 'n' Tell Sat, 25 Jul 2009
Topic: On your own, little bird.

Observations of a Saturday morning:

Joy welled up in me when I opened my eyes to the magic of the morning. Crows and pigeons were in their element; they probably believe that it's their morning and so were fully living their quota. Maybe they feel at home during the day-break. Some birds twitter, another bird--whose name I don't know--keeps calling in her sweet voice. Is it koel? The heaven is theirs, it seemed.

While so looking, some sorrow engulfed me. What about people who are in great debt? How can they enjoy the timeless morning without a single worry? I felt I must make it my mission to awaken people to the glory and joy of the morning creation. Otherwise, life's not worth living.

The peepal tree wasn't swaying as there was no breeze. Pigeons were pecking wheat grains. They were hungrily grabbing their food.

Forum: Show 'n' Tell Sun, 26 Jul 2009
Topic: On your own, little bird.

Samatha, Aura,

A heartening response. This morning too I went up to meet with my natural friends. A dormant cell in me awakened and became sensitive to their hunger. So far I took it for granted that the birds and other sweet little beings will somehow be fed. I felt my thinking was wrong and started feeding them with grains.

Forum: Show 'n' Tell Thu, 15 Oct 2009
Topic: A Beach built of Pebbles

David C wrote: If you could zoom out and see the bigger picture, you would see the whole beach; built of millions of pebbles, the sunlight shining down, and the waves breaking and pulling back. It is a beautiful picture.

When you realize this, you are not merely the pebble, but something more...the space that contains all the pebbles-- whereas others live and die as individual pebbles always thinking they are different.

All the best in your quest.

Forum: Insights Fri, 30 Oct 2009
Topic: Commentaries on living

This morning, during my walk, I a saw a girl of about 10 years carrying three empty liquor bottles. Nearby a rag picker was searching a dustbin. The sight of the girl didn't strike me as something strange initially. Only after a few seconds, did I realize her plight. I don't remember her face or the dress she was wearing. Maybe she was related to the rag picker and was helping him.

I wasn't fully attentive to her at that moment. I just walked past. I should have spent some time looking at her.

What's the use of looking at her without doing something to her? This question makes me feel guilty. I have no answer to it.

I should say the girl has mirrored my insensitivity and my preoccupations, and awakened a bit of sensitivity in me.

Forum: General Discussion Sun, 28 Nov 2010
Topic: K - a beautiful man, beautiful teaching - but did he mislead us?

Michael, You have asked whether K has mislead us. I do not think so. True he never made any mention about soul (though I believe there's a soul in us), but what's the point? My feeling is that even if K had said that there's a soul, that there's divinity, we would have carried on with our problems of fear, suffering, anger etc. Do you think his affirmation would have made any difference to human consciousness? Absolutely not. The issue is so big, so immense that we should feel happy K gave no assurances. Having said this I greatly admire you for your honesty and clarity. Your is a great journey. I am glad I have crossed your path.

By the way, you write so well. I can't imagine myself writing so. What's the secret of it? This is my ego asking the question. As you have said it has a place and I don't deny that. I hope all of us accept the ego and not wish it away. There's no need to destroy the ego, but be watchful of the one who denounces it and says it's unspiritual. This high moral stance won't take us anywhere and at the end of our lives we will only be left with ashes, not the fragrant flower.

Long live the ego with humility, long live the Soul with dignity.

My deep respects to K.

Thanks Michael.

Forum: General Discussion Mon, 17 Jan 2011
Topic: Can there be real friendship in a world of conditionings and images ? (a question without seeking)

aurelien B wrote: Or is this that life and its meaning are not to be found in time and through thought and into the life of the society ? Or, is it that there is no balance between all these various elements ?

Life is one single movement if we are alive to it; it's fragmented when we are self-absorbed. Without coming to any conclusion, can we look and listen ceaselessly? There's joy in it.

Forum: General Discussion Fri, 11 Mar 2011
Topic: What to do?

dhirendra singh wrote: What to do or not do?

I think K has revealed what can't be revealed. Maybe he got special permission from the Source to do it.

The fact is: obvious can't be seen. That's the human condition.

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