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Forum: General Discussion Tue, 15 Mar 2016
Topic: Are we starting from the wrong end?

Juan Eyegaray wrote: So, maybe the question should be 'how i face myself?' .

Here also Dvaita.( duality )

I becomes an entity that is looking at self( another), therefore an impossibilty to be what i am.

Forum: General Discussion Wed, 16 Mar 2016
Topic: The brain has nothing to do with the mind?

Voco . wrote: Hmm, looks like a lie. You haven't even asked him a question and he gave you an answer. Well, perhaps you are not the first one who was asking that question, so he actually checks you for your genuineness (read naivete) by counter question, not you check him. And perhaps you are telling thins in a reverse order. Perhaps you are that man with those super abilities?

Sorry to come late.

Voco, my post was in response to Mike's where he wondered how could he excess others' mind.

k has at few occasion said he could excess people's mind but he would'nt do it respecting their privacy unless they permit it.

Though the narrated incident did happen with me and there is much more to it than what I told, but I would'nt elaborate it further.

Regarding your comment about 'super abilities', pl keep in mind that Nature accepts no magic. Magic is only when you are not aware how it is done.

Forum: General Discussion Fri, 03 Jun 2016
Topic: Has sitting quietly to observe thought any value?

Dan McDermott wrote: K is reported (by T. Stamp) to have said: ..."the unadorned naked awareness that is always there, rarely heeded is what you always have been, always will be. Cannot not be...."

Thanks Dan. Could you provide some reference please?

Forum: General Discussion Fri, 03 Jun 2016
Topic: No scar in the mind ?

Jack Pine wrote: Cheating, Jean, is next to lying and stealing. This kind of behavior you are displaying shows lack of character and a gross selfishness.

You must remember the perfect being is always above rules etc.

Forum: General Discussion Tue, 14 Feb 2017
Topic: Meeting with Eva

randall merryman wrote: I figured that part of the reason some of the "old timers" have left is because uncle Randy pounded them mercilessly over their whimsical mythical imaginative speculations about this or that. So I have decided to be less of an @$$ and more of a watcher. Please carry on with the tides of pleasurable words and ideas. ;)

Ah! Like Phoenix, thought never dies.It rises from its ashes again.