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Forum: General Discussion Fri, 01 Jun 2012
Topic: Around the image

"It seems to me that the pleasure-pain principle is what keeps us going and gives life meaning, but I'm willing to be disabused of the idea.

What makes sense to me is being discerning enough to note which images are valid and which are not as they arise rather than disabling "the image-making processes"."

This is the first non-K conditioned response I have read in a long time.

Forum: General Discussion Thu, 29 Nov 2012
Topic: Freedom

Earthling goes to the doctor and says: Doc I live in delusion most of the time, do you have something to fix me up. Doc says: Yes, I can fix you up with a little surgery ( a brain transplant). Here is a brain of a surgeon that'll cost you a million dollar, and here is a brain of a K-ite that will cost you five million dollar. Earthling says: Why is the brain of a K-ite so expensive, and who is K-ite anyway. Doc says: K-ite is a follower of a religious teacher Krishnamurti and K-ite's brain is expensive because his brain has not been used yet.

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