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Forum: General Discussion Thu, 09 Jan 2014
Topic: Mary Zimbalist and Her Memoirs

Isn't it extraordinary, in this age of almost limitless data and the capacity to distribute billions of digital content links for a few dollars, that this issue of memoirs is for a full subscription fee of $180.00? (although you can spend less to get less, for a higher issue rate) It is explained that it is not a book because it is too big an issue, but comparing this digital compilation, and presumably costing it by comparison, to a physical book, is rubbish. Just imagine they sell 1000 subscriptions, that's $180,000!!!!

Forum: General Discussion Tue, 20 Sep 2016
Topic: Jiddu Krishnamurti in Conversation with Iris Murdoch (1984)

This conversation is not unusual in that it points to the difficulty talking with people who are approaching communication in terms of the educated, intellectual mind. I suppose if there is a challenge to the way of thinking, this is quite the civilised reponse. Indeed the whole virtue of civilization is raised in this way of rational discourse and philosophic dialogue. But right from the outset the question was, who is the experiencer, is there any difference between the experiencer and the experience? and this matter was entirely overlooked in favour of a continuing intellectual discourse. To answer this question the questioner must see themselves as fully responsible; what's on their mind is their experience, right now, immediately and it doesn't need any further discussion. It is a straightforward fact. We may be trying to understand something, and trying to change, but this first step, seeing the whole basic human responsibility is essential, not dividing it into my thoughts, my thinking, what I read in a book, what I have been told, all of the accumulated knowledge, and what I am hoping to achieve. So you see we simply prefer the educated discourse, and overlook immediately coming to terms with ourselves and the way we live.

Forum: General Discussion Tue, 20 Sep 2016
Topic: Our responsability as an individual

When I use the word individual, am I completely aware of my position, all of it, the mind, body, sensation, concsciousness, behaviour, and so on? Or am I still wanting to say there are all these separate matters which I am dealing with as best I can? When I say there is an individual, I am speaking academically, socially, politically, and don't see the matter indivisibly? Indivisibly, there is not some thing to act on, not some matter to resolve, not some improvement to make. The only action is to realise the indivisibilty.

Forum: General Discussion Tue, 20 Sep 2016
Topic: The movement of life ...

When sitting quietly and thinking about your husband or wife, or a distant friend, you may be experiencing a good feeling, a warm sense of wellbeing. But what if the loving sensation comes to you with no name, no memory, no effort? Then something is revitalised, and you see life, the life as it is known, and you practice normally, it is suffering, and it is fear.

Forum: General Discussion Tue, 20 Sep 2016
Topic: QOD Sep 17, 2016

Regardless, we say, of the quality of the teachings, we see there is a problem, for people in general, who will continue within the conditioned affair. Isn't this asking, given the conditioned state of affairs, what am I, what is anyone to do? Isn't this a problem of the "I" that is for all of us? --Realising, the standard perception of who I am, how I am to live, is false.

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