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Forum: K, psychology and the physical brain Sat, 27 Jun 2009
Topic: science, the I and ego,

Hi Phil, Kirsten, Averil, Max.

Thanks all of you for your very interesting dialogue. Its a pleasant experience for me to ?listen? to some people (K-interested people) talking about things that have intrigued me for a long time. What I can say is that I have been following this topic almost every day since its beginnings, and I find it very interesting and motivating, I mean, to turn on the computer and see whats going on, is something that I want to do when I get home. Its like? talking with old friends.

For some reasons I have not felt the urge to participate. One could be just that I am a slow person. The rhythm of the topic is, by far, faster than mine. I need, as some of you, that the words go deep. Look at them, understand them, considerate them, examine if they have something to do with my life. And (even worse), in that process, sometimes, the need to understand just? blurred? lol. So, I am not able to get back to the topic and say something. What could I say!? Maybe I need no more.

I know that the topic have its own rhythm, and maybe it will finish or will change before I post even one more post ?or not. But, I have to say that I am ok with that, being a quiet listener? In the meanwhile, I can follow it, be grateful with it (I mean, with you), learn from you. And, of course, if I feel that I have something to say, I will do it.

(Sometimes I think I am not the only one with this kind of approach to the topic. It has many views).

Well? too much for today. (Sorry for my mistakes, English is not my mother tongue). Warm regards. Aura.

Forum: Show 'n' Tell Sun, 28 Jun 2009
Topic: On your own, little bird.

Wow! Beautiful picture!... ;)

Forum: Show 'n' Tell Sun, 28 Jun 2009
Topic: On your own, little bird.

Last week I was at a University building and saw a little bird in its interior garden. I thought it was hurt because it is a place where there are no birds, so, I approached. It didn?t move. Then I said, quietly: ?Why are you here. Are you hurt?? And it didn?t move. His eyes were very alert. So, I held my hand closer to it, and suddenly, it flew. I thought: ?I scared him?. And I left.

Forum: Show 'n' Tell Tue, 30 Jun 2009
Topic: On your own, little bird.
rachMiel ... wrote:

easy to love birds. harder to love humans. why?

*Is it love? ? What is love? Is love sympathy, compassion, freshness? What about passion?

Mmmm? yes? it seems to be easy to approach a little bird and interact with it with compassion, happiness, freshness, so, let?s see?.

Is it because we are not expecting anything from them? Because they are not expecting anything from us? Is it because we are only exploring, because we have more space for the unexpected? Because we just enjoy them? Because we don?t create history? Because the only thing that we have together is the moment?

? mmmhhh.. Interesting, we can think about it?about our own idea of love. Thanks.*


Forum: Show 'n' Tell Fri, 24 Jul 2009
Topic: On your own, little bird.

Hi, Samatha, nice to see you again, and nice to perceive you are happy and full of energy, I like the mood of this topic. Hi Ramesh, too. This crowded city of mine, if I may say that, is very sunny today, and I perceive it as a very pretty thing, I dont know why. It doesnt matter, anyway. I just wanted to say hello. Have a nice day both of you.

Forum: Show 'n' Tell Sat, 25 Jul 2009
Topic: On your own, little bird.

Thanks for sharing your view, Ramesh. That was beautiful and sensitive. Take care and enjoy.

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