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Can dialogue - in the sense of sincere inquiry - be organized or can it only come about spontaneously, unprompted?

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dialogue must be intuitive and direct, do not use your knowledge and mémory

pascal lamireau (account deleted)
Sun, 22 May 2016

No,and I don't know!

RICK LEIN (account deleted)
Mon, 20 Sep 2010

can be organised as an association of the good..

ganesan balachandran
Thu, 03 Sep 2009

I think introspection is a more important tool for sincere self inquiry...more important than dialogue... But dialogues are important pointers in the path of self inquiry....

Krishna Kumar
Fri, 04 Sep 2009

If there is truly a sincere interest in open-minded inquiry, there is not a need for much structure. But an unrestricted gathering of people includes those who are interested in pushing their beliefs and their agenda and controlling the direction of the discussion. Therefore some rules are needed consistent with the purpose of providing an atmosphere for earnest mutual inquiry.

Greg Van Tongeren
Sat, 05 Sep 2009

I feel the answer is in the middle.
To create and allow the option of dialogues - and to be attentive to the flow.

Gil Alon
Wed, 09 Sep 2009

According to my experience it is difficult to organize a dialogue. Most of the time it come about spontaneously.

Setijadi Setijadi
Thu, 10 Sep 2009

Were the dialogues of K. and Dr. Bohm organised? We can and must organise the physical surroundings. We can offer possibilities. This is not curtailing in any way the spontaneity of the dialogue, that will only exist if it arises from deep within us.

Jordi Guitart
Mon, 21 Sep 2009

At a deep level dialogue can't be organised. But just to provide a format, as Kinfonet does, is OK. Two or three or any number of people (but not too many) can organise a meeting, even a regular meeting, to discuss, enquire, or inquire, but as long as nobody is trying to organise what they say beyond (let's say) giving a topic to start off with, then spontaneity has a chance, because some degree of spontaneity is essential to this kind of dialogue.

James Turner
Tue, 22 Sep 2009


Gope Earthling_Veganism
Thu, 24 Sep 2009

It can be organized and "we" have a group meeting regularly almost since 1975. The group has changed considerably during the years but still exists.

Mac Djerf
Mon, 28 Sep 2009

With a serious intention to discover afresh our predicament.

david stanley
Tue, 29 Sep 2009

Can be organised to the extent so that unprompted spontaneous enquiry can happen

Jaspal Sir
Fri, 02 Oct 2009

Perhaps I do not understand the question. Is dialogue not always prompted? Is it not a series of replies following the original statement or question? Yet does this make it organized? If each response is organized, then is not a script rather than a dialogue?

Nathan Yeldell
Wed, 07 Oct 2009

My Openion is : Yes, It needs to be organised. Otherwise, spontaneously, any subject can be taken up & we can have a " brain Storming session " This is not a Dialogue particularly, in the sense of sincere Inquiry.

Prakash Beekay
Tue, 13 Oct 2009

I am firmly suspicious that texting is a hinderance. In more of a physical environment, sincerity is more defined and actual and readable. The perverted nature of most human primates implies a resistance to this information that requires almost a resignation that sustained attention will only come through subjecting oneself to organized physicall group withdrawal from existing norms if not common sense. Like a platoon of soldiers heading for the perils of a battlefield together with life or death the outcomes. Individual survival will always take precedence at times. Even if mere survival is closer to death than life. The experience cannot make matters worse. Organization implies progress when it comes to group effort. But it is the very accidents within that organization that make the difference. Organization would set "us" up for a fortunate event. Spontanaity happens or it doesnt. The tendency to be clever will be the rest of it. I don't describe "being spontaneous" as something to be desired. More something to expose.Texting induces a sort of cleverness or "creative writing" which is NOT what makes Krishnamurti attractive. I have recieved his message through the medium of recorded(video, recordings, and dictation) speech rather than writin word. The prompting is merely taking initiative on a direction of inquiry.

Daniel Rengo
Fri, 23 Oct 2009

Dialogue can take one closer or further from the truth.Freedom from conditioning ie the desire or dread of approval/disapproval , success/failure , praise/blame are probably more important than dialogue...after all at the end of the day can someone awaken you or do you have to do it yourself?

George Brockett
Sun, 25 Oct 2009

i think both are right.dialogue-in the sense of sincere inquiry- can be organised but it does not always lead to understanding or sometimes comes suddenly as a the need for sincere inquiry is very important.

nandakishore mahapatra
Mon, 26 Oct 2009


Tue, 27 Oct 2009

rather the second

kelly alamanou
Wed, 28 Oct 2009

Dialogues are unique to Krishnamurti centres. I have participated in innumerable dialogues over the years with mixed results. On the basis of my experiences , I have the following suggestions.

Dialogues should be between people who are more or less on the same level of inner maturity. Otherwise it can result in waste of time for some and confusion for others.

There can be two categories of dialogues in a K Centre. One in which anyone seriously interested can join, but which should have an able co-ordinator who can explain the norms of a dialogue and what is dialogue.It should be explained that Dialogue is a sharing of perception and not an exchange of views. There must be intense self-observation and readiness to listen.

The other category is of those who regularly come to the centre and who are known to be deeply interested in inquiry and the teachings. They should be known to each other well. In such cases there can be organised dialogues on specific topics so that new insights flower.

The best dialogues are those that happen spontaneously between friends as they go for a walk and during chance encounters.

Jayendran Menon
Mon, 02 Nov 2009

A dialogue of serious inquiry is spontaneous if a true transformation is present with those contributing.

colin holt
Sat, 14 Nov 2009

be organized

siamak pakseresht
Mon, 23 Nov 2009

Organization implies imposing a structure. Not a very free and open format.

John Thorne
Sun, 06 Dec 2009

I don't know

Fuqian Zhao
Sat, 12 Dec 2009

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