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I guess I am one of the fortunate students of the Teachings of Krishnamurti. In that I first heard his name mentioned on a audio teaching tape, back in the 70's. This was as a disparaging remark as a put down by an English Buddhist Monk, who referred to K's " high squeaky voice". Which was contrary to my understanding of the Buddha's teaching, who, 'thus I had read', had respected different teachers and teachings. At this time, I was a member and the recently appointed Librarian of the Hampshire Buddhist Society. A fortuitous appointment as I had been requested to create an index of the society's books and tapes. I felt beholden to browse and/or read all the books and tapes in order to fulfil my role as the librarian and to extend my knowledge of Buddhism as an aid to finding 'Nirvana'.
I had a vague knowledge of Buddhism through my personal quest through Christianity, as I searched for clarification with regard to God and Jesus. I had been introduced to these concepts at my first Sunday School lessons. At some time I began to question the veracity of these concepts as they appeared to be part of the grown up conspiracy (you will understand when you grow up), that included Father Christmas. It would be a few more years before I trolled through the Encyclopaedia Britannica looking for God. When I finally discovered an entry for heaven, I was side-lined into an Astronomical view of the Universe...... to be continued.

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The transactional analysis book, The Games People Play by Eric Berne and others until you find Beyond Games, A clear exposition without the religious terminology of the end of the search.

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Do you think Krishnamurti was exceptional, or is the transformation he spoke of universally accessible?

I believe Krishnamurti was exceptional, in that he managed to free himself from his own self-created imaginings and transcend the conditioning of his theosophical upbringing, training and preparation for the created role of World Teacher. As such, this ability to free oneself from ones own imagination and whatever training and preparation one has gone through for ones own self-fulfilling role in this world must be universally accessible.

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