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Nathaniel Faasse
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In the darkening day a far off vessel catches light from where it is not yet dusk, the sun still high. The vessel tosses its light back freely, as strong as when the moment was here, and its as if the whole scene is to say 'if your mind finds it to be dark, it is only dark where your mind is dark.'
Will I ever see another land-locked sunset?
Is thought an evolution, or has it always degraded us in this way?
Where thought touches me, I feel vile. Where it is absent, I feel whole and with god.

It comes to mind that our greatest duty may be the cultivation of our own minds. Such a vast wasteland! Imagine the earth, as much dirt as there is, but with only five or six plants! Even if they repeat to cover the whole expanse of everything, what a waste of diversity and the power therein.

We must all forget everything
all at once.

Over my left shoulder I find that moon we've always known. Much less shy than the sun, letting us look at it with our eager eyes, having no shame to hide behind.
Is this what shines the ship beyond me?
I know little of celestial geometry, and none of the point it tries to touch us with.
God, is growing silently. God is breathing with the wind instead of your lungs. Go out and try it for yourself.
God is changeless and waiting. God has every nickname, but nothing to be called by.
God is the world, You are the only god this world will ever know.

Is there even anything wrong? With anything?
I want to scream out about the absolute perfection we've let slumber for so long inside of us,
but the scenery does not need to hear anything I would actually say.

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