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The farther away we find ourselves from nature, the closest we embrace our mind and ego.

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If in a winter night a traveller by Italo Calvino, God´s Buffons by Morris West, Bhagavad Gita, Poems by Kabir, Diaog with Death by Eknath Easwaran; So said Buddha by Osho

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Do you think Krishnamurti was exceptional, or is the transformation he spoke of universally accessible?

He was a master of masters paving the way for the rest of us to gain access to freedom from mind and its processes. Yet, there have been and we have around us enlightened individuals, very few but real anyway.

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Are there any aspects of Krishnamurti's teaching that you find implausible or difficult to accept?

The sudden realization that the mind is pure past, uncapable of creativity. Although one can accept the explanation behind it, this is not realization, and the sudden acrupt change seems so far removed from our reach.

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Does the phrase "living the teachings" have any meaning to you?

It is a paradox, since JK aimed at no teachings, so, no learnings.

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How important do you consider group dialogue to be in understanding the more subtle points of Krishnamurti's message?

There are some isntances in which group dialogue help you to understand your condition; mostly though they can be entangled from egoic postures that are needless.

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Do you think it advisable to introduce Krishnamurti to people you know? Have you ever done it and if yes, what are your experiences?

Of course, but to people who show some hint of self search urges.

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Do you think it is possible to make Krishnamurti more "practicable" than what he himself seems to have allowed for?

Honestly, I do not. There were no approaches, methods, or practices taught, simply because he did notbelieve in a path to be shown. Overcoming the mind with the help of the mind seems an impossible task to undertake.

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How do you personally go about exploring the Krishnamurti's teachings (through personal study, dialogues, dvds)?

I do not. I try to use his words and observations in daily observations of my bevaiour and mind activity.

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What future do you foresee for Krishnamurti's works? Do you think they will grow in importance or will they just gradually die away?

The may go away linked to his name, but his postulates are invariants.The find themselves rooted at the core of human nature whether someone remembers them associated with his name or not.

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If you had to sum up what Krishnamurti is all about in just a few words of your own, what would they be?

A beacon in the ocean of human despair and ignorance.

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Do you ever feel that you have been conditioned by Krishnamurti's teachings?

JK would probably would have been irritated by this question. It goes against one of the basic premises of what he believed.

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Has coming into contact with Krishnamurti and his teachings had any perceptible effect on your life and/or relationships?

Definitely yes. I completely overhauled my concept and notion of freedom.

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Can dialogue - in the sense of sincere inquiry - be organized or can it only come about spontaneously, unprompted?

Both and neither.

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How do you strike a balance between healthy doubt and ready acceptance in investigating Krishnamurti's proposals?

Why strike a balance? All seasons have their time and every intention its ocassion. Going thru the experiences of confronting and observing your mind, aided by JK´s hints, is like a being carried back and forth by the tide. There are some moments in which you are eventually thrown on the sand. Then, just be be overwhelmed by the moment.

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