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Today I read that K said that he loved life and didn't want anything from anybody. I thought sheesh I was getting somewhere deep, at home and with a sense of relatedness, but now the walls, the hurts are there, along with the beauty and the capacity to look and be free from knowledge. I'm left with 2 questions. What does it mean to love life? Do I love life? "Well what is..." (as bob dylan famously sang.)

I'm touched by the stories of others and myth, and poetry, so pregnant with meaning, social food and the capacity for transcendence, I don't know what I'm talking about really. Clock tick, rendered mute in the moment. Bye for now, Andrew

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loading mercury with a pitchfork, richard brautigan leonard cohen's songs and poems henry fielding 'tom jones' anything by joyce cary or jakob arjouni


you can count on me the waiting city and career girls


jack bruce jesse winchester laura nyro donovan, dylan, leonard cohen, randy newman lucinda williams ryan adams americana, folk, roots, blues memphis slim, lonnie johnson

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walking art and travelling

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Do you ever feel that you have been conditioned by Krishnamurti's teachings?

Interesting question. Yes definitely. For a good while I was a Krishnamurti automaton, juke box, I KNEW what he was on about, even earlier I thought HE was the/my mirror to perception/seeing and I began to have amnesia about (the weight/quality of) my personal history/background/personality/quality of thinking.

I have to say that's all changed but I won't go there now.

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How important do you consider group dialogue to be in understanding the more subtle points of Krishnamurti's message?

Very. Revelatory mirror. Big noting. Self referencing. Observing. Nervously perplexed, irritated by silence, frantically accessing the opinions of other authorities in the memory backs, anything to avoid looking at my real response to the awkward pause like an accusation; looking foolish, not knowing, not dominating (I always do?)...

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How do you strike a balance between healthy doubt and ready acceptance in investigating Krishnamurti's proposals?

Wow. Another eye opener. Can I pass and come back to this one. I do have recourse to positive affirmation while walking, perhaps sometimes in dealing with fear arising. More later.

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Do you think it is possible to make Krishnamurti more "practicable" than what he himself seems to have allowed for?

Sheesh. How interesting. From an existential point of view NO. Integration, silence, meaning, the capacity to actively see, listen engage. Something valuable would be lost if you tried to break it up; got practical. I keep wondering about a particular 'how', even though K said there was no how and further that you couldn't help another. I'd love to open up a forcefield of relatedness inside and be with mentally ill folk, criminals, the elderly, those grief stricken. If I had that level of beingness/capacity I feel I'd be able to provide assurance and healing but I don't. My compassion and healing energy is but a flickering current. That's the what is.

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Does the phrase "living the teachings" have any meaning to you?

Yes I do as the faulty ambassador that is me.

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What future do you foresee for Krishnamurti's works? Do you think they will grow in importance or will they just gradually die away?

Don't know. 'Hope' isn't the right word but I carry around a little laminated picture of K and David Bohm, a preview of the DVD, The Future of Humanity. I open my wallet and there it is. I see them and more especially the words 'The future of humanity'. It is silly, it's 'impossible', it's the dream of a sailor staring at a ship in a glass bottle but there it is every time I open my wallet. So maybe the 'hope' is in me and that others are indeed affecting consciousness radically by working on the teachings themselves.

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If you had to sum up what Krishnamurti is all about in just a few words of your own, what would they be?

A future which involves survival laced with creativity, wholesome loving and freedom of persons within and without community which involves an understanding of tribalism and any impulse to separate or divide ourselves from any and every sentient being.

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Do you think Krishnamurti was exceptional, or is the transformation he spoke of universally accessible?

A tough one. I mean we're all exceptional and we're all a slice of humanity. Hmmn. I would say yes, Krishnamurti is exceptional in the same way that Darwin, Einstein, Dylan or Moses surely must have been (in moments in their time,) and in the sense that he was a great revolutionary spirit, the Light broke through, with the grace and assent of the life force. As for me I sit with the what is. Sometimes I wish that I was less sexual, divisive, hurt. I be with the isness. Who knows the breakthroughs may come. Maybe the universe itself plays a part in opening doorways. I guess ultimately I do believe in the universality of oneness with the One. Da da. Words.

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Has coming into contact with Krishnamurti and his teachings had any perceptible effect on your life and/or relationships?

I guess I suss when I and others start to speak with reference to knowledge, thought, all the cooked up habitual opinions, I start to get foggy and distracted, and lose energy. I dig the way I examine what fuels the content of my thinking rather than being so intoxicated with the content of such thinking. I wish I wasn't so aware of my agenda before I open my mouth so that I mostly drop it but I know it's a gift and a curse; the very depth of those agendas, instincts, hurts. I'm less of a leader. I need more down time to recover from interactions. Together with experience, especially of loss, I think the teachings work in me and see me be more of a compassionate and loving person. I see far more beauty, especially in the physical world and the world of animals.

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How do you personally go about exploring the Krishnamurti's teachings (through personal study, dialogues, dvds)?

Veery clunkily. Sometimes I have a go at the notion of control being a limited system or a qualified resource. At other times I begin to explain about the 'known', surmising with another: "Is that the whole gig." My closest friends, the ones interested in spirituality, can spark lovely conversations during which I might try and clarify K's teachings (hopefully without pomposity) and in the process I get to hear about them exposing what's dearest to them, to the core, like 'A Course of Miracles' or experiences and practices within a particular Gurdieff circle.

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Are there any aspects of Krishnamurti's teaching that you find implausible or difficult to accept?

The main thing would be that K appears to have a big beef about identification and sublimation as an avoidance of the mirror of relationship and, whilst I'm totally with him in this active meditation, I feel he does not pay sufficient regard to personal history, especially the formative relationships within family. Some K people I've known seemed to have downplayed or walked away from 'conflict' in these realms in favour of relationship of 'the line of least reistance' - in later life much to their regret.

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Do you think it advisable to introduce Krishnamurti to people you know? Have you ever done it and if yes, what are your experiences?

With hesitation and great listening skills.

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Do you think it advisable to introduce Krishnamurti to people you know? Have you ever done it and if yes, what are your experiences?

With hesitation and great listening skills, if not I can become heavy company, closely followed up by being pissed off at my certitude(s), a return to humility soon follows with the more certain knowledge that I know zilch of any lasting value myself with any certainty.

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Can dialogue - in the sense of sincere inquiry - be organized or can it only come about spontaneously, unprompted?

To make the attempt to have a dialogue that involves a group the scene does have to be set. Agendalessness is the optimum leadership modality, however it is an elusive fuel. For any therapeutic activity, readiness, together with some understanding/knowledge/insight, are also necessary ingredients.

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