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I attended meetings in Saanen in the 80's. Some years back I challenged myself in getting to the core of K's teachings. The result of this is, that I realize that there is no point of telling anyboy anything. We can only share. The sharing is important to be able, to get the courage, to face the moment, what is. No point also to defend anything said. We lack a lot the watching of the inside. I am still learning on this. We love to get lost in activities, we prefere commenting and speculating. It all shows we are addicted to thought. Thought has gone out of hand and this limits our consciousness..

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'Earth:The Sequel' (The race to reinvent energy and stop global warming) Fred Krupp and Miriam Horn WW Norton&Company 2008,2009



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visiual art music

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How important do you consider group dialogue to be in understanding the more subtle points of Krishnamurti's message?

Very important. Because it shows the actuality.

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Do you think it advisable to introduce Krishnamurti to people you know? Have you ever done it and if yes, what are your experiences?

Yes, I did. Result, people reject. There were occations where I would give a small book of K to friends close to me.

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How do you strike a balance between healthy doubt and ready acceptance in investigating Krishnamurti's proposals?

Everything has to be questioned yes. The result of this questioning is important for what follows.

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How do you personally go about exploring the Krishnamurti's teachings (through personal study, dialogues, dvds)?

In first years I read several books. This experience was very important. But then I prefer not to read books or see viedeos too often. It can really condition the mind and limit your own perception.

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Are there any aspects of Krishnamurti's teaching that you find implausible or difficult to accept?

Yes, in discussions with Bohm there are terms difficult to follow. Otherwise I dont have any difficulty.

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If you had to sum up what Krishnamurti is all about in just a few words of your own, what would they be?

Listen, watch with no limit. Be conscious of the inside and the outside.

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Does the phrase "living the teachings" have any meaning to you?

Dont like this formulation. I would rather say is there any actuality of what K talks about in my life? Yes, there is.

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Do you think Krishnamurti was exceptional, or is the transformation he spoke of universally accessible?

This question does not makes sense. K was human, so this transformation is possible for any human. But I understand, rare are those who are able to go that far.

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