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How did you first hear of Krishnamurti?
Several years ago, I found/read some of J. Krishnamurti's quotes that were included in a book authored by Bruce Lee.
Since that time, I have read a fair amount of K's books.
What K places have you visited or would like to?
None yet, but I particularly would like to visit Ojai, CA. I am interested in visiting all of the K Foundations.
Krishnamurti quote you would like to share?
This life which is the flower of humanity, which is the freedom of humanity, which is the attainment of humanity, which is the beginning and the end of humanity, this life which is the eternal Truth, cannot be described in words. This world has no words, it is and it is not. And from the point of view of limitation from which every one of you is looking, there cannot be an understanding of the immensity which is without limitation. When a being enters into that life, he is life, he is the flower of humanity. I hope I have made it as vague as possible because if I made it clear for you, I should have placed a limitation on truth, I should have betrayed truth.

J. Krishnamurti-
The Pilgrim and His Holy Pilgrimage
Which K book would you take with you to a desert island?
If 'other', which book?
Total Freedom or Freedom From The Known or The First and Last Freedom or The Pilgrim and His Holy Pilgrimage

Interests and Recommendations


Total Freedom -- J. Krishnamurti The Pilgrim and His Holy Pilgrimage -- J. Krishnamurti Freedom From The Known -- J. Krishnamurti The Myth of Sisyphus -- Albert Camus Meeting Life -- J. Krishnamurti The First and Last Freedom -- J. Krishnamurti

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Sun, 01 Aug 2010, 5:25pm



O. M. (account deleted) wrote:
Sun, 01 Aug 2010, 5:38pm

Hello SP,

If I may ask, What is Nice?


O. M. (account deleted) wrote:
Mon, 02 Aug 2010, 11:55am

Hi Sean,

Thanks for your comment. Yes I've read most of Camus in French, first because I find it genius, and second, more subjectively, he was born and lived in my birth place Oran/ Algeria.