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Selvi Selvan
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Ever since I stumbled upon Krishnaji's book in a library, MIND WITHOUT MEASURE, 10-12 years ago, my life has changed tremendously. In the begining I was left totally confused, after reading K, I just could not understand anything He was trying to say, but had a feeling that something is happening to me,for I found myself trying to read K again & again, till I started to get vaguely what is being said. Once I started to really understand K, it was really rather frightening feeling I found arising in me , because K was slowly but definitely shutting all the doors of escapes,we are caught in .From then onwards everything in my life changed- my whole out look of life changed. All the unwanted, un necessary things (one usually carries with one self) like belonging to some caste-religion, having blind beliefs, faiths & sticking to it, nationalism, & so on, just dropped away from me for good.
I am now a much lighter person, I am able to meet life's challenges as it arises, I am able to convey all K's teachings to my two sons according to the given situation.

Never a day goes without my reading K. Each time I read K's book, or watch a video, I feel fresh & energised. My clarity - I feel increases. when I am really aware of a particular feeling arising in me, such as anger, or frustration, I am able to be with that feeling & also feel that particular feeling just leaving me, this happens only when there is true awareness., at other times ofcourse I get caught in the situation, but somehow I don't repent for my unawareness. & thus life goes on for me.

Regards to all,

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Do you ever feel that you have been conditioned by Krishnamurti's teachings?

NO, I have not felt that way, on the contrary.But I can never use many common words such as , I love you, I miss you, also I can not quote anyone's words or saying.In short I cannot use many words lightly, I find myself very careful in choosing words or saying things to people.

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How do you personally go about exploring the Krishnamurti's teachings (through personal study, dialogues, dvds)?

I very deeply investigate K's statement within myself , always trying to stay with the question or statement, & move from there inwardly, as far as I can go , I really do not know where it leaves me, but I always find very many unexpected things. I watch dvds too from time to time

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