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Anveekshana Foundation

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Tel: +66 (0)81 328 7132

P.O. Box No. 5, Tung Lung Post Office
Hat Yai, Songkhla, 90230
THAILAND 100.417 6.87132

Amenities Offered

  • regular dialogues
  • day visits
  • dvd showings
  • Krishnamurti library
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The Anveekshana Foundation is a registered, non-profit, religious trust established in Thailand. Inspired by the teachings of J. Krishnamurti, it facilitates activities that encourage and promote free reflection and inquiry into issues which steer and shape our outer and inner lives, and in turn, our society.

Among the activities of the Anveekshana Foundation are:

1. Translation and publication of Krishnamurti's book in Thailand.

Anveekshana has so far translated and published 32 books (including some booklets) into Thai, 26 of which are bilingual Thai/English. The bilingual books are often divided into two to three parts due to their size.

Books and DVDs are sold at a very low price. Generally, according to Thai tradition, religious material is given away for free and higher priced material is not well received.

Some of the books have been further subsidized so as to achieve a wider reach.

2. Translation and subtitling of DVDs.

About 42 titles of the DVDs have now been subtitled and another 20 are being worked on, namely the talks with Dr. A. Anderson.

3. Annual attendance at two large Thai national book fairs.

Every year Anveekshana manages stalls at two large book fairs and at smaller ones whenever possible.

Book fairs are a good opportunity for readers and Anveekshana staff to interact and share in the questions posed by the teachings. Also, the direct feedback from readers is very useful to help improve publication work.

4. Free book/DVD distribution scheme to various libraries in Thailand.

Sets of 15 books and some DVDs have been donated to 230 libraries of universities, schools, Buddhist monasteries, police and prisons. The total number of donated material amounted to 11,043 books and about 300 DVDs.

For a complete list and map of the libraries in Thailand stocking donated books click here

5. Running the Stream Garden Retreat Centre.

Stream Garden (SG), Anveekshansa’s six-hectare retreat centre in Southern Thailand, is an informal yet serious setting for people wishing to go on retreat and/or engage with others regarding the deeper questions of life. A new office, dining hall and activity area were recently completed. Altogether, around 55 people can be accommodated, either dormitory-style or in private and shared rooms. SG has a full-fledged library with an extensive collection of Krishnamurti books and DVDs, along with a selection of books on philosophy, psychology, the brain and some classic books on religion.

SG is zoned into two parts, the retreat and the activity area.

The retreat area is reserved solely for retreat guests. Last year we had 116 people on retreat, hailing from places as diverse as Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Israel, Europe and the USA. The tariff is the same for Thai or foreign guests and is kept as low as possible.

The activity area is rented out by different groups - such as Buddhists, environmentalists, teachers, professors, lecturers, teachers, students, NGO groups, health professionals, hospital staff and the police, to name but a few - to conduct various workshops.

While these groups help offset the cost of running the retreat, as a natural consequence of staying at SG, participants get introduced to the purpose of the place and thereby to the teachings of Krishnamurti. Many of them are so intrigued by what they learn that they end up buying books and DVDs. As such, SG has become the largest distributor of K books in Thailand.

In addition, some of the groups have requested special programmes centered around Krishnamurti’s teachings. Individual participants often return for personal retreats and for the international annual gatherings.

6. Holding annual international Krishnamurti Gatherings.

7. Regular dialogues in Bangkok, often involving various universities and schools.

Once every two months, a group meets in Bangkok for a DVD viewing and a dialogue.

A large public library in central Bangkok has generously given Krishnamurti’s books their own rather prominent section and provided a TV monitor close by to view DVDs. The same library also offers, free of charge, a meeting room for dialogues.

8. Maintaining the bilingual Thai-English website. Translating the home page and daily quotes for the JKO website.

See: The site is run mostly by volunteers and has now some good quality photographs.

9. Regular publication of articles in various Thai newspapers.

For some examples, click here

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