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Early Writings, Volume VII | Talks at the Ojai Camp 1932

Question: What is the real object and need of painfully building up this sense of separateness, of "I-ness", if as soon as it is established, we must commence to wear it down?

Krishnamurti: There is no need whatever, but you are doing it. Your idea of spirituality, of progress, of achievement, is based on greed, and so you begin to acquire qualities, and hence distinction, which creates the idea of "yours" and "mine". You have your particular type, your particular cravings; your mind is hedged about with barriers set up through your cravings, which are the result of sensation and perception. So, through the painful process of acquisition you create an error, which you call the ego, and you pursue that error for a long time, until you know through living that it is an illusion, that in itself it has no reality whatsoever, and you begin, not to tear it down, but to run away from it.

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To pursue the known in different forms is a game of self-deception, and then the meditator is the master, there is not the simple act of meditation.
When does need become greed?
Being poor inwardly, psychologically, spiritually, one thinks of enriching oneself through possessions, with ever increasing complex demands and problems.
You may be able to overcome greed through the mere exertion of the will of denial, but that does not lead to understanding, to love, for such a will is the product of conflict and therefore cannot free itself from greed.
It is only when we are really inwardly free from greed, not merely in our outward relationship and action, that there can be peace and disinterested action.
In opposition there is no understanding.
Questioner: What guarantee have I that the new faculty of which you speak will come into being?
It would be a comparatively simple matter to organize and distribute effectively if we were satisfied with our daily fundamental needs only.
To live in the world of greed without greed needs deep understanding; to live simply - earning a right livelihood in a world organized on economic aggression and expansion - is possible only for those who are discovering inward riches.
So long as the mind is after the achievement of a result there is bound to be greed.