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New York City | 1st Public Talk 11th March, 1935

Through the understanding of the significance of environment, past and present, and therefore being free from it, intelligence is awakened, and the expression of that intelligence is true individuality.

Now, you are conditioned by environment. You are the result of your past and present environment, and what you express, calling it individuality or self-expression, is nothing but the expression of that conditioning environment. To me, the true expression of individuality is that intelligence which is awakened through freeing the mind from the conditioning environment of the past and the present.

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A real artist does not talk about his self-expression, he is expressing that which he intensely feels;
If I try to express myself as originally and fully as possible, what am I expressing? surely, am I not repeating, perhaps with modification and variations, essentially the limited thoughts and feelings of the past which I consider to be myself?
We give such importance to self-expression, without fully and deeply understanding what it is that is being expressed.
If we do not find enrichment through possessions, we try to seek it in relationship or in ideas, which leads-to many kinds of delusion.