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Public Talk 22nd February, 1948 | Mumbai, India

In becoming, in continuity, can there ever be evolution, can there ever be progress? Only in ending is there rebirth, not in continuity. But progress, surely, can exist only in technological things, and you cannot 'progress' in charity - that is, in the comparative sense of becoming more charitable, more loving. Where there is love, there is no comparison. Don't you know? When you love somebody, you love, you give yourself over completely - the you is non-existent. As long as the `you' remains, there is the desire to become, and in becoming there is no rebirth. Becoming is only a modified continuity, and that which continues, decays; that which continues, knows death; but that which is ending is free of death.

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If you can free the mind from the idea of distinction, from the idea of opposites, your mind is no longer burdened, it is clear, it is ever watchful.
I say that time does not bring you understanding; when you look to time as a gradual process of unfoldment you are creating a hindrance.
If in the expansion of desire there is the cessation of sorrow then becoming could have significance, but is it not the very nature of craving to create and continue conflict and sorrow?
We are afraid to look at ourselves as we are, we want to run away from the actual and this flight we call "progress" or the search for happiness.
Have we evolved psychologically towards freedom and happiness?
There is technological progress, but otherwise there is no progress at all - which we see, obviously, in the world about us.