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Group Discussion 13th December, 1947 | Madras, India

Generally you accept the pleasurable and deny the non-pleasurable. When you deny the non-pleasurable, you are really strengthening yourself. The man who says he is seeking spiritual things, God, is also denying and pursuing the pleasurable.

There is very little difference between him and the ordinary man who is seeking pleasure. They are both seeking pleasure though in different planes of consciousness; the one seeks gratification through God and the other seeks pleasure through drink.

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A life of fullness, a life of choiceless action, a life free from the withering process of subjugation and substitution, is possible.
You can never know what the unknown is because the moment you recognise it as the unknown you are back in the known.
The negation of all values, of all morality, of all beliefs, having no frontiers, cannot be in opposition to anything.
You cannot find out what is true by assertion. You must sweep the slate completely clean of the known before you can find out.
Thought itself must deny itself.
We hope to have psychological peace through discipline and denial, through imitation and isolation; we begin at the periphery, hoping to create inward peace and compassion but we must begin from the centre, the centre from which arise conflict and sorrow.
The mind finds it difficult to know itself because it is full of conclusions and suppositions and because it is disciplined;