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Early Writings, Volume VII | Talks at Adyar, India 1932-33

I do not want you to accept my ideas as your authority. I want you to examine what I say freely, criticize it, doubt it, question it. To do this intelligently you cannot be attached to any idea. Attachment is but vested interest. You have given in to your family, to your priest, to your society. All these prevent your clarity of thought; and when you begin to cling to your ideas, then you create a division and call it "my path" and "your path". Truth has no path, there is no way to it. The division of "your way" and "my way", of "your path" and "my path", occultism and mysticism, is born of ignorance, of illusion, and you make your choice with a mind which is attached to particular prejudices. It is only when the mind is utterly free of all attachment that you can discover that which is true, and recognize the inherent worth of any idea; whereas when you begin with division and distinctions, there can be no understanding at all. On the contrary, you merely perpetuate that duality which is the basis of all conflict. So I don't want you to take my side. There are no sides. I have realized something which, to me, is eternity, immortality. It cannot be understood through systems or through the division of paths. When the mind is disciplined, controlled, directed, it loses all pliability, and hence all understanding.

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