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Early Writings, Vol VII | Talks at Adyar, India 1932-33

To approach and try to understand truth through the division of "mine" and "yours" is utterly futile. The idea of tolerance becomes an intellectual invention which covers up up the conflict arising out of this false division. When there is affection, real understanding, there need be no tolerance. When you love somebody you do not tolerate that person; you love him, that is all. It is the same with all the inventions of the mind. When there is real affection, freed from personal attachment, then this much abused word "brotherhood" disappears. Then you need not organize yourselves to be brotherly; you need not belong to any society, organization or church. You are then a human being, which is greater than all theories.

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Tolerance is a civilized acceptance of the division between people.
With the cessation of distinction, there will be no talk of tolerance. Then you will not talk of brotherhood, for then in your hearts you are brothers.
Because you play with life, you think there are innumerable facets to truth and glorify tolerance.
We can talk about tolerance, which is an intellectual invention to keep you where you are and to keep me where I am, and try to be friendly.
To me, truth has no aspects; it is one, and that which is complete, whole, has no aspects.
Agreement does not mean thoughtless acceptance or tolerance, for tolerance is superficial.
The cultivation of virtue is not intelligence.
What you call thinking is merely moving from one anchorage or centre of bias to another, and from this centre judging, choosing, and creating substitutions.