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Frognerseteren, Norway | 2nd Public Talk, 8th September, 1933

If you consider the matter, you will find that most of you come to listen to me because you are seeking certainty - certainty of knowledge, certainty of an end, certainty of truth, certainty of an idea - in order that you may act with that certainty, choose through that certainty. Your minds and hearts desire to act with the background of that certainty. Your choice and your actions do not awaken true discernment or true perception because you are constantly engaged in the gathering in of knowledge, in the accumulation of experiences, in searching out various kinds of gain, in seeking authorities that give you security and comfort, in striving for the development of character. Through all these attempts at accumulation you hope to have the assurance of certainty, certainty that takes away all doubt and anxiety, certainty that gives you - at least you hope that it will give you - surety of choice. With the thought of certainty, you choose in the hope of gaining further understanding. Thus, in the search for certainty there is born fear of gain and fear of loss. So you make life into a school where you learn to be certain. Isn't that what your life is? A school where you learn, not to live, but how to be sure. To you life is a process of accumulation, not a matter of living.

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Mere reformation of the pattern of society only alters the surface, it brings about a more respectable form of ambition.
Division exists only when there is the search for a goal, when there is adjustment and the complacency of certainty.
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It is only when the mind and heart are pliable, alert, and are not slaves to theories, certainties, assurances, that you begin to discover the barriers of memories as self-protective, defensive reaction.
To understand the flow of life, mind must be free entirely from finalities, from certainties, which are but the outcome of the desire for self-protection.
When the mind dwells in an accustomed groove of thought, then there is no conflict, then there is no suffering, no awakened interest in life.
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Do not let us be concerned about the certainty of an unconditioned mind, but rather be aware of the limitations of thought-emotion.