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Early Writings, Volume VII | Talks at Adyar, India 1932-33

To understand life, that is, your own conflicts, struggles and sorrows, no system, no Master, is necessary. It is only when you intellectualize life, when you seek an escape from your own conflicts, that you create a system, a method, which is but a barrier to the understanding of truth.

It is of little value whether there are Masters, whether you are a disciple, because truth, that living reality, cannot be understood through the worship of another or through the pursuit of an opposite. Truth is in action itself which unimpeded, complete, in the present. Not by seeking an escape from your sorrows, struggles, jealousies, spites and vanities, but by confronting them, do you discover their cause, and thereby become freed them. Then you need not fight them, because such effort only creates the opposite.

A flower does not seek; it lives, there is no toil. There is a naturalness, spontaneity of being, which is action itself. It has no being apart from action; it is action as well as being, which is true living.

In the pursuit of the future, which is created by the incompleteness of action in the present, there cannot be understanding, and he that is without understanding is as a withered thing, though he be a disciple or a Master.

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