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Varanasi, India | First Public Talk, 1962

We never change voluntarily, we always change with a motive; and a change through a motive is no change at all. And to be aware of the motives, of the influences, of the compulsions that force us to change, to be aware of them and to deny them is to bring about change. Circumstances make us change; the family, the law, our ambitions, our fears bring about a change. But that change is a reaction and therefore really it is a resistance, a psychological resistance to a compulsion; and that resistance creates its own modification, change; and therefore, it is no change at all. If I change or if I adjust myself to society because I expect something from society, is that a change? Or, does mutation take place only when I see the things that are compelling me to change, and see their falseness? Because, all influences, whether good or bad, condition the mind; and merely to accept such conditioning is inwardly to resist any form of change, any radical change.

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Don't change. It's very simple. If you want to remain as you are, carry on, nobody is going to prevent you.
Any change within the field of time is the same movement modified and continued.
I must change because I know I am dull, stupid, envious, anxious, fearful, and every pleasure is vanishing, and I want to change so radically, so totally, that my mind is new.
We refuse to accept life as it is in fact.
A constant battle is going on within us, wearing us out in the process.
Time is a movement invented by thought.
What I have to say concerns the hindrances which prevent in you the instantaneous recognition of truth.
there are two things open to each individual, either to do patchwork, to reform, or bring about a complete orientation of thought, a complete change.
Conflict invariably must arise when there is a static centre within one, and about one there are changing values.
Do you seriously think there are only a few who are responsible for this social disorganization, these wars and hatreds?
Lasting order and peace can be brought about only when the individual voluntarily and intelligently consents to think without hate, greed, ambition, and so on.
You are changing. So also is your neighbour. Yet when you meet your neighbour, you have your old picture of that person.
A person who is arrogant can never find humility however hard he may try to 'become' humble.
Conditioned thought that seeks to modify or change itself merely continues the conditioned state.
Surely, change is a modified continuity, I am this, and I want to become that; that is, I want to become the opposite of what I am.
Any change which we desire is a modified continuity of the same thing as now exists.
Society is static. The individual only is creative and not society.
It is not possible to change all this. Firstly, you must see that you cannot do anything with all this.