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New York City | 1st Public Talk 11th March, 1935

Theories are of very little value; because a man who is constantly in conflict with environment, both the past and the present, is continually discerning, penetrating, trying to understand, and therefore he is living completely in the present. To such a man there is no need for theories or explanations. But that requires great persistence of thought, great awareness, great penetration into the true significance of ever changing environment. As the majority of people cannot do that, they accept theories which become their masters, facts, realities.

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It is only when the mind and heart are pliable, alert, and are not slaves to theories, certainties, assurances, that you begin to discover the barriers of memories as self-protective, defensive reaction.
To understand the flow of life, mind must be free entirely from finalities, from certainties, which are but the outcome of the desire for self-protection.
When the mind dwells in an accustomed groove of thought, then there is no conflict, then there is no suffering, no awakened interest in life.
Please bear in mind that what to me is a certainty, a fact, must be to you a theory, and the mere repetition of my words does not constitute your knowledge and actuality; it can be but an hypothesis, nothing more.