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Ojai, California | Fifth Talk in The Oak Grove, 1946

Questioner: Cannot one think about the uncreated, about reality, God?

Krishnamurti: The created cannot think about the uncreated. It can think only about its own projection which is not the real. Can thought which is the result of time, of influence, of imitation, think about that which is not measurable? It can only think about that which is known. What is knowable is not the real, what is known is ever receding into the past, and what is past is not the eternal. You may speculate upon the unknown but you cannot think about it. When you think about something you are probing into it, subjecting it to different moods and influences. But such thinking is not meditation. Creativeness is a state of being which is not the outcome of thinking. Right meditation opens the door to the real.

But let us go back to what we were considering. Are we aware that our so-called thinking is the result of influence, of conditioning, of imitation? Are you not influenced by propaganda, religious or secular, by the politician and the priest, by the economist and the advertiser? Collective worship and regimentation of thought are alike, and both hinder the discovery and experience of reality. Propaganda is not the instrument of truth, whether of organized religion or politics or business. If we would discover truth we must be aware of the subtleties of influence, of challenge, and of our response. Learning a technique, a method, does not lead to creative being. When the past ceases to influence the present, when time ceases, there is creative being which can be experienced only in deep meditation.

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