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Ojai, California | Fourth Talk in The Oak Grove, 1946

Questioner: What is wrong with purposeful thinking if it is logical?

Krishnamurti: If the thinker is unaware of himself, though he may be purposeful, his logic will inevitably lead him to misery; if he is in authority, in a position of power, he brings misery and destruction upon others. That is what is happening in the world, is it not? Without self-knowledge, thought is not based on reality, it is ever in contradiction and its activities are mischievous and harmful.

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As fear cannot free itself through any means, for all its efforts spring from its own source, there must be the cessation of all intellectual safeguards.
Is it possible for each one of us to wipe away the past, to put an end to it, not through a gradual process, but to cut it off?
When the mind through analysis discovers the cause of suffering, that very discovery itself may become a refuge.
Will living according to a pattern, an ideal, following it ruthlessly, meditating upon it, bring you to the discovery of yourself?
The intellect, the faculty to discern, to choose, is influenced by the past, and if we merely rely on that faculty to understand, to love, then our understanding, our love, will be limited.
We have over developed the intellect at the cost of our deeper and clearer feelings and a civilization that is based on the cultivation of the intellect must bring about ruthlessness and the worship of success.
There is a permanent, unique answer only outside of the pattern.
You think that you are thinking.
When the mind realises that thinking itself is a distraction it also realises the futility of thinking.
What is thinking?
What is thinking, what is the process of thinking?
Our thinking, which is the response to a challenge which is ever new, is always conditioned and therefore produces further conflict, further suffering and further pain.
Because your mind is very quiet and because it is confronted with a new problem, it is not asleep, but very alert and aware yet passive; it is not active because it does not know the answer, it is not even seeking an answer because it does not know.
What is it that conditions you? What is it that limits thought? What is it that creates the pattern in which you are caught?
You all want many things. You want fame, you build around yourselves a hood of ideas, of exclusions, and that is why a man who loves is dangerous to society; and so society, which is you, begins to build a thought process, which soon destroys love.
Experiencing is not a state of thinking.
Question: Learning and studying, is it thinking process or something different?