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Group Discussion 31st December, 1947 | Madras, India

It is the thoughtless man who is asleep and who is imitative, that wants an ideal, because he has to whip himself up to become something. But the man who is learning, watching and feeling things, does not require an ideal; he is active where he is. So, in 'becoming' there is the denial of 'what is', the denial of what you are, i.e. your 'being arrogant'. And in 'becoming humble', which is the ideal, you must find out how to become that. "How" is the imitative process. You go to a Guru for help, in which there is implied authority and fear. So, 'becoming' implies imitation and therefore no creativeness at all. Look at the society, look at us, how thoughtless as are! We are marvellous in passing examinations and nothing else. A man who is 'becoming' can never find Reality because he is not understanding 'what is', but wants to transform 'what is'. Why should any man 'become the ideal' when he is what he is? By understanding 'what is', perhaps a new thing will come into being.

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Why do you cling to the ideal of freedom when you are in a prison?
As long as there is a guiding principle in our lives to which we are trying to be true, there must be duality in action, and therefore a problem.
The ideal is a real curse because it really prevents you from understanding what is;
To understand the implications of what you actually are now, your mind must be free and concentrated; but if your mind is thinking in terms of the ideal, then it is distracted by the ideal.
... an ideal is really an impediment; the example is a horror to a creative man.
The fact is that you are nobody. Why not start from there and face facts directly without trying to become 'somebody'?
Imitation is a form of stealing: you are nothing but he is somebody, so you are going to get some of his glory by copying him.
Instead of discerning the cause, you think that you can comprehend yourself through another. This looking to the example of another only leads to illusion and suffering.
Your mind is like a gramophone record repeating a song you have heard. It is not even your song, it is the song of another; and there may be no 'your song', but only `the song'.
It is one fact in life, we are all going to die. That is an absolute, irrevocable fact.
You have to investigate the various patterns which make you copy, imitate, live on the verbal level;
What I am saying is not in any way philosophical, nor is it Western or Oriental thought expressed to suit modern minds;
Wisdom is not acquired but is in the very action of living itself.
I am not giving you a system or a discipline as a way to end your conflict.
I shall have to say this so often that it will become almost a formula for you.
The more we read the more we repeat.
... an ideal is really an impediment; the example is a horror to a creative man.
... feeling is always the new, though it is out of an old conditioning; if you treat it as new, then you will understand the old.
Our responses are conditioned according to the pattern of society, whether it is Eastern or Western, religious or materialistic.