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Auckland, New Zealand | 2nd Talk in Town Hall 1st April, 1934

One is unhappy because there is no intelligence, which is understanding. When you understand a thing you are no longer in conflict, you are no longer bound by that which has been imposed on you by authority, by tradition, by deep-rooted prejudices. So intelligence is necessary to be supremely happy and to awaken that intelligence, the mind must be free of environment. The innumerable encrustations created by religions and society, throughout the ages, have become our environment. You can be free of environment, which individuals have created, only when you understand its standards, its values, its prejudices, its authorities. And you then begin to find out what is the fundamental cause of suffering, which is the lack of true intelligence, and that intelligence is not to be discovered by some miraculous process, but by being continually aware, therefore continually questioning, trying to discover the false and the true in the environment placed about us.

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Everything we see, every thought we have, shapes our mind; whatever you think now, whatever you have thought in the past and whatever you are going to think in the future, it all shapes the mind.
The mind is never free, pliable, for it is always anchored; it moves within the radius, narrow or wide, of its own centre.
Life is a battle of ideas, a battle of influences, and your mind is the field of the battle.
I must change because I know I am dull, stupid, envious, anxious, fearful, and every pleasure is vanishing, and I want to change so radically, so totally, that my mind is new.
When we say we seek out or cultivate a new value, it is but the overcoming of that in which the mind is already caught up, which is its opposite.
Intellect, the power to discern, to choose, is influenced and limited by the past in combination with the present action and reaction.
The dead past darkens the ever living present.