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Early Writings, Volume VII | Talks at Adyar, India 1932-33

Question: You said in the course of your talk yesterday that the ecstasy of eternal truth, of perfect living, comes without toil or effort. But surely you went through a long period of toil, effort, struggle and suffering in this life before it became possible for you to attain this consciousness. If you, why not we, why not all?

Krishnamurti: I struggled and suffered and toiled before I came to the realization that in the process of acquisition there is sorrow. And now I say that the more you acquire the more you want, and the emptier becomes your life. In the process of acquisition the future is created because the virtue which you strive to acquire is ever in the future, away in the distance. Hence what you call progress is but the successive achievement of emptiness, ever in the future, and thereby there is an incomplete living in the present. If your mind is continually occupied with acquisition, with greed, then surely you cannot live in the completeness of the present. You toil and climb and suffer ceaselessly, but your living is sterile; because in the pursuit of acquisition, that which you acquire is transient, that which you consider essential becomes empty and futile.

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