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Early Writings, Volume VII | Radio Talks, USA and Canada 1932

At present you are held within the walls of a prison of your own fashioning, and you look to aid from without; but no one can help you, no one except you yourself can break down the walls that enclose you. Being the prisoner of wanting and craving, you are perpetually concerned about what is truth, what is God or light. You can know this only when you are out of prison. Yet you do not, in your intensity of suffering, break down the walls which you yourself have created, but remain in prison and try to imagine the nature of freedom. Thus you merely bring an idea into your prison, you do not break down the walls. It is only by breaking down the illusions created through wanting, through craving, that you rid the mind of the idea of distinctions, so that there is no longer a struggle.

Therefore, I say, do not assume anything. Do not struggle to imagine what a perfect life is, or what truth must be. but become aware of the fact that you are the creator of your own prison. In facing this fact, in recognizing that limitation is created through your own craving to accumulate possessions or knowledge, you begin to break down this prison that holds you. Where there is craving there must be struggle for achievement, and achievement ever withers in your hand; because in the very moment of fulfillment it has already lost its significance and is discarded. Thus continues a ceaseless struggle.

So, in order to understand truly this constant, meaningless struggle, and be free of it, become conscious that you are a prisoner, and then you as an individual will step out of the prison of this so-called civilization based on selfishness, this monstrous structure which has been raised through the centuries.

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