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Talks in Europe 1968 | Paris 4th Public Talk

There is so much to do in the world, to wipe away poverty, to live happily, to live with delight instead of with agony and fear, to build a totally different kind of society, a morality which is above all morality. But this can only be when all the morality of present day society is totally denied. There is so much to do and it cannot be done if there is this constant isolating process going on. We speak of the `me' and the `mine', and the `other' - the other is beyond the wall, the me and mine is this side of the wall. So how can that essence of resistance, which is the me, how can that be completely `let go'? Because that is really the most fundamental question in all relationship, as one sees that the relationship between images is not relationship at all and that when that kind of relationship exists there must be conflict, that we must be at each other's throats.

When you put yourself that question, inevitably you'll say: `Must I live in a vacuum, in a state of emptiness?' I wonder if you have ever known what it is to have a mind that is completely empty. You have lived in space that is created by the `me' (which is a very small space). The space which the `I', the self-isolating process, has built between one person and another, that is all the space we know - the space between itself and the circumference - the frontier which thought has built. And in this space we live, in this space there is division. You say: `If I let myself go, or if I abandon the centre of `me', I will live in a vacuum'. But have you ever really let go the `me', actually, so that there is no `me' at all?

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It is only the righteous man that develops his will as a means of resistance, and a man of will can never find truth, because he is never free.
To go beyond the self-enclosing activities of the mind, you must understand them;
Can thought realize that whatever it does is limited, fragmented and therefore isolating and that whatever it does will be thus?
We are related to someone only as long as that relationship gratifies us, as long as it gives us a refuge, as long as it satisfies us.
There is a strange despair in anger; for isolation is despair.
Any process that leads to limitation, to resistance, to cutting oneself off, as it were, in an intellectual or an ideal state, is destructive of creative living.
Is not all existence a question of relationship?
Not finding satisfaction in human relationship we often try to establish it in the realm of theories, beliefs, concepts.
Without fully understanding the process of greed, merely to cultivate kindliness, generosity, is to perpetuate ignorance and cruelty; without integrally understanding relationship, merely to cultivate compassion, forgiveness, is to bring about self-isolation and to indulge in subtle forms of pride.
There can never be self-isolation, however much one may crave for it; relationship is ever continuous; to be is to be related.
Questioner: I am already an introvert and it seems to me that from what you have been saying, is there not a danger of my becoming more and more self-centred, more of an introvert?
The relationship of two people creates society; society is not independent of you and me;
The wall you build around yourself psychologically consists of the values you give to things made either by the hand or by the mind, i.e. of your ideation.
The walls which you protect yourself with are built up of the value which you yourself have given to things.
Are you aware that you are creating this wall of detachment around you?
Desire is the builder of the wall - desire for title, for bank account, for property, for family, for beliefs.
In your present state of psychological enclosure behind the wall of your sensate values, your talk of brotherhood has no meaning whatsoever.
You cannot withdraw from the world, to withdraw means isolation and you cannot live in isolation.
The fundamental issue really is whether human beings can exist in identified isolation;
To be, is to be related;
A controlled mind is not a free mind.
What is isolation? Are you not now isolated in your relationship with your wife, etc.? Do you know them? Is this not creating the mess in the world?