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Ojai, California | 4th Public Talk 1945

Does not the inner motive, private thought-feeling always determine the outer? To bring about an outward peaceful transformation should there not take place first a deep psychological change? Can the outer, however pleasant, bring about lasting contentment? The inner craving ever modifies the outer. Psychologically what you are your society, you State, your religion is; if you are lustful, envious, ignorant, then your environment is what you are. We create the world in which we live. To bring about a radical and peaceful change there must be voluntary and intelligent inner transformation; this psychological change is surely not to be brought about through compulsion and if it is, then there will be such inner conflict and confusion as will again precipitate society into disaster. The inner regeneration must be voluntary, intelligent, not compelled. We must first seek Reality and then only can there be peace and order about us.

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If what I am saying acts merely as a stimulation, then there arises the question of how to apply it to your daily life with its pains and conflicts.
When you ask how [to get rid of fear], how to break down habits, you are really approaching it from outside, intellectually, and so your question has no significance.
If you are interested to think out one thought fully, experiment with writing out the thoughts that arise; just put them down on paper, and then observe what you have written.
Freedom is born of the perception that freedom is essential.
If I have the whole picture in mind then I can take in the detail; but if my mind only operates in a detail then I cannot take in the whole.
If there is no seeking, will consciousness decay, become stagnant?
If you say you are seeking truth, you will become a prisoner to illusion, for truth can not be run after, searched out; it must happen.
The only actuality, the only reality that we can fully comprehend, is this confusion, this misery, this conflict, and to escape from this is but to create illusion.