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Early Writings, Volume VII | Talks at Adyar, India 1932-33

I am not preaching self-contentment or satisfaction. Quite the contrary. I say that as long as the mind is in any way constrained, it is unable to discern the many hindrances that impede true perception. To discover those hindrances you must become fully aware of all your words, your actions, your thoughts and feelings. In that flame of awareness, the cause and the effect are understood instantaneously, and thereby is created that harmony without struggle or effort.

To become aware, you must think wholly and intensely. Now if you are afraid, you seek courage, and thereby courage becomes but an escape from fear, the opposite of fear. The covering up of fear you call courage. The conflict of the opposites continues to exist; whereas if you become wholly aware of the cause of fear, then fear itself disappears, and therefore you are free of both fear and its opposite, courage. Whatever thoughts arise in the mind, think them through - all the hindrances of public opinion, past authorities, future wants, ideals and acquisitions. In thus facing them you will become free of these limitations.

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